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How To Order Free Samples

Video – How To Order Free Samples

If you already know what product you want and need for your project, feel free to click on the appropriate image above to order your Free Samples.

It’s a simple process:

  • Click on the relevant image
  • Scroll through the products on the page that appears
  • Add any product that you like to your shopping cart
  • Check out by completing the online form… and your free samples will soon be on their way

If you’re not sure what you want and need, please read through this page and then visit our Which Oak Floor Is Best For You page.

Not sure what to be looking for or testing when your sample arrives? Check out our simple Sample Comparison Test for ideas and questions to ask yourself.

We are confident that you will be delighted with our range of products. The information we provide within this site is extensive. However, we also know that there is nothing quite like being able to see and feel the wood. So we encourage you to order a free sample before making a decision.

Matching samples to your decor

When you free sample arrives, think of it in the same way you would a tester pot of paint. You can see how it looks alongside your wallpaper, curtains, preferred paint colours and soft furnishings. Try placing it in different positions around the room to see how the light reflects off the oak surface.

An oiled surface will catch the light differently to a lacquered surface. Similarly a brushed oak floor will have a much different feel to a hand scraped product.  Remember, your oak floor is likely to last a lifetime, so we want you to be 100% satisfied and confident when you decide to order with us.

Your free sample will also demonstrate the natural beauty of oak flooring and what it can create within your home. You can see photographs of haracteristics like grades and finishes ono our website. However, you really need to see a sample before you can make a decision with confidence. With sample in hand you can always give us a call to discuss with one of our specialists.


Your free sample will also demonstrate the quality and construction of our products. Especially in the case of our engineered oak flooring. You’ll be able to see the high quality plywood backing and the wear layer of oak that’s bonded to it. This wear layer can vary in thickness from supplier to supplier and some reduce the thickness to appear as being competitively priced.

We know that it’s the wear layer of oak that provides the durability with any engineered floor, and thus the value for money it provides, so ours is a minimum thickness of 4mm on our 15mm thick engineered oak flooring and a full 6mm on our 21mm engineered oak.

At Oak Floors Online, we encourage you to compare our products with all other potential suppliers, including your local high street retailer.

Remember, we started this business because like you, we wanted to buy a great quality oak floor. We know what’s out there and what some suppliers will do just to secure your order. We are confident that you will be delighted with our products and our service.

Before you order your free sample, be sure to check our guide on which oak floor is best for you.

Please visit our Solid Oak Flooring and Engineered Oak Flooring pages to order your samples, or simply click on the images above.

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