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Flooring Accessories

At Oak Floors Online, we don’t just sell floors. We also stock everything you will need for a successful installation. The products you need will vary depending on your chosen floor.

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Hard Waxoil Maintenance – For Wood Flooring – 1 Litre


Sika 54 (Wood Flooring) 6.5kg Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive


Sika Remover 208


SikaBond Liquid Gun


Tongue-Tite Screws 3.5 x 45mm (200 Pack)


Oak Planed Square Edge per linear metre

Oak Planed Square Edge
From £8.00

Blanchon Intensiv Floor Lacquer


Blanchon Initial High Build Lacquer


Blanchon Fond Dur So Primer – 5 Litre


Blanchon Prim’Sealer (applied before lacquer)


Blanchon Oil Environment (gives a natural matt finish) 1 Litre

From £24.95

Carbon Steel Barbed Cleats

Carbon Steel Barbed Cleats
From £14.65

Bully Tools Pro Grade Subfloor Scraper 6Inch


Wrecking Bar

Wrecking Bar

Powernail Secret Nailer

Powernail Secret Nailer

Ratchet Clamp (used for squeezing planks together during installation)

Ratchet Clamp

Gel Knee Pads

Gel Knee Pads

Hand Saw

Hand Saw

Floor Fitting Kit

Floor Fitting Kit

Self Adhesive Floor Pads (for bottom of furniture legs)

From £4.95

Blanchon Waxoil – Various Colours (the most popular floor finish)

From £12.00

Blanchon Lagoon Floor Cleaner – 500ml Spray


Blanchon Lagoon Floor Cleaner – 3 litre pack


Thermo-Hygrometer (for monitoring humidity & temperature)

Acclimatising Oak Flooring Over Underfloor Heating Is Essential

Self-Regulating Under Floor Heating System

Sale! Self Regulating Underfloor Heating System Oak Floors Online
£89.00 Was £75.00 Sale per m2

Oak Window Cill

Oak Window Sill
From £21.00

Oak Door Lining Sets

Door Lining Set
From £120.00

Oak Stair Nosing – Bullnose Profile (per linear metre)

From £12.50

Oak Stair Nosing L-Shaped (per linear metre)

From £26.75

Solid Oak End Profile – 900mm & 2.4 Meter Lengths

From £9.95

Solid Oak Door Threshold – Wood 2 Carpet Profile

From £9.95

Solid Oak Door Threshold – Wood 2 Nothing Reducer Profile

From £14.50

Solid Oak Door Threshold – Wood 2 Wood Profile

From £9.95

Oak Scotia – 2400mm Lengths

From £8.95

SikaBond Rapid Damp Proof Membrane (brush on DPM for concrete subfloors)

SikaBond Rapid DM

Sika Moisture Barrier Primer (2-part liquid DPM)


Sika 5500S Rigid Adhesive (used for gluing down engineered flooring)

Sika 5500S Rigid Adhesive

Sika Liquid Batten Adhesive Single – 600ml


Sika Liquid Batten Adhesive Single Packs x 20

Sika Liquid Batten Adhesive Single Packs x 20

Sika Liquid Batten System Installation Pack


Sika 54 Flexible Adhesive (used for gluing flooring to the subfloor)


Joint Adhesive 1 Litre Wood Glue – For Engineered & Solid Oak Flooring


Self Adhesive Underlay 10×1 metre Roll Size (10 Sq Mts Coverage)

Self Adhesive Underlay

Sika Silent Layer Mat Underlay


Sonic Gold Excel Underlay Novostrat : 15×1 metre Roll Size (15 Sq Mtr Coverage)


Solid Oak Skirting Board & Architrave – Per Linear Meter

From £7.50

Comfort Silver Underlay Novostrat : 15×1 metre Roll Size (15 Sq Mtr Coverage)

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