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The Sample Comparison Test

The Sample Comparison Test

OK, so you’ve received your free samples, and being the sensible person you are, you’ve ordered samples from 2 or 3 different suppliers for comparison purposes. Now what?

Well although every installation situation is said to be different, they’re also all pretty much the same.

In other words, we all want the following;

  • The best quality
  • The best appearance
  • The best product for our own personal situation
  • And all for the best price

The problem is however, we at Oak Floors Online believe the best price is not as easy to confirm as it first appears to be when it comes to choosing a natural oak floor.

One of our favourite sayings is; “When you’re installing a new oak floor, you want to be doing it once not twice”, which alludes to the quality of the product being suitable for the installation situation.

If you want to install a low quality, ‘cheap as chips’ product that won’t last… our advice is to go somewhere else because you won’t find what you’re looking for here.

However, if you want to install a high quality, value for money product that will last a lifetime… you’ve come to the right place.

So how do we confirm quality and value for money?

The basic elements of quality and value for money for a natural product like oak flooring are as follows;

  • Strength and Reliability
  • Performance and Durability
  • Specification, Conformance and Serviceability
  • Features and Aesthetics
  • Perceived Quality

Only when all these elements are considered can any perceived level of value for money be decided upon.

An example would be; what’s the point in buying an oak floor that has all the Features and Aesthetics you want but only lasts 2 months before needing replacement?

Another is; what’s the point in having a floor installed that performs brilliantly and provides excellent durability… but you can’t bring yourself to look at it as a finished floor?

In an effort to help you decide which flooring product is the best one for your own personal situation, we have created a list of questions, The Engineered Sample Comparison Test – Value For Money, that may guide you towards the right product whilst also towards the product you actually want to walk on and look at for years to come.

We believe that our oak flooring is the best value for money oak flooring in the UK, but we would say that wouldn’t we?

This test offers you the chance to prove us wrong, whilst helping you to source the product you want and need.

If you apply the The Engineered Sample Comparison Test – Value for Money on our products and compare the results with any other samples you may have, we challenge you to find a better value for money product than ours.

If in your opinion you do find a product that offers better value for money than ours, please send us the product details, along with your contact details and at the end of every month we will enter your details into a draw for a free Meal Voucher worth £75 at a local restaurant in your area.