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Which flooring type is best for underfloor heating?

Posted: 1st February 2018

Firstly, the facts, the laws of thermodynamics say that the denser material is the quicker it will transfer heat. The thinner that material is the quicker that heat will then be transferred into the air from it. This means that a dense thin material will transmit heat into a room much more quickly than a […]

New Year, New Oak Floor

Posted: 20th December 2017

January is the perfect time to upgrade your living space with the natural beauty of an oak floor. It’s a time of year that most of us survive through, looking forward to the sunnier months to come. So why not utilise the time to improve the look and feel of your home while making it […]

Deck The Halls This Christmas With Oak Floors Online

Posted: 22nd November 2017

The roaring fire, the glistening Christmas decorations, the smell of Christmas spices and the warm glow reflected in a natural oak floor. In the winter months we all need to make the most of the limited light available. The soft natural reflections of wooden flooring can really lift the spirits in deep mid-winter. Hygge The […]

What Should The Moisture & Humidity Level Be Before Fitting Wood Flooring

Posted: 21st August 2017

Acclimatisation Most people will tell you that to prepare your flooring for fitting will take 7 days or some may say 14 days to ‘play safe’, but the fact is that there is no set period for acclimatisation. Every site situation is different, which means that every acclimatisation period can be different too. This is […]

The floor’s the limit

Posted: 25th May 2017

Most of us are delighted at the thought of oak flooring in a favourite room or throughout our home. However, the use of wood as a luxury surface continues to expand well beyond the front door. While the future of transport may look sleek, with carbon fibre or space-age metals forming the hulls or shells, […]

Upcycling: Ways to utilise your leftover wood flooring

Posted: 15th May 2017

If you are one of the numerous people who has purchased some wood flooring but now finds yourself with some left over, then whatever you do, don’t throw it away! Upcycling wood flooring is a trend that is growing consistently in popularity due to the versatility in what can be created. So if you are […]

Easter 2017: Resurrecting The Hardwood Flooring Hidden Under Your Carpet

Posted: 12th April 2017

Should you resurrect the hardwood flooring hidden under your carpet? Wall to wall carpeting became very popular during the 60’s and 70’s, resulting in the covering of beautiful hardwood floors, particularly in residential properties built prior to the 1930’s depression years. The wood flooring in these properties used higher quality materials in comparison to wood […]

Spring Your Lounge Into Life!

Posted: 22nd March 2017

Spring isn’t just the right time for spring cleaning, it’s a good time to take a look at your décor. If your lounge is looking tired and drab, here are some easy ways to update it for spring without breaking the bank. Beat the blues Image Source  This year’s must have colour is navy, and […]

If Wood Flooring Was An Aphrodisiac!

Posted: 10th February 2017

Just imagine, for one moment, if wood flooring was an aphrodisiac – if the pulling power was in the atmosphere and feel of your home. As an aphrodisiac, it would sit alongside chocolate – that much-loved melt-in-the-mouth delicacy that contains a chemical known as ‘phenylethylamine‘ (found in cocoa), which acts as a stimulant for subtle […]

Don’t Ignore That Resolution! Resolve Your Flooring Issue

Posted: 15th January 2017

With the festive period done with for another year, suddenly the house looks bare, there’s nothing to distract the eye from the shoddy paintwork, the chip in the counter, that coffee stain on the carpet. The new year is the perfect time to renovate and revitalise your home. The majority of new year’s resolutions relate […]