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The Nail Down Method of Fitting an Oak Floor

Posted: 6th May 2020

The nail down method of laying an oak floor is suitable for both solid and engineered oak flooring. The nail down method fixes the flooring down to wooden floorboards below. The flooring is nailed to the surface below which, because it is also wood has similar characteristics as regards movement and expansion as the oak […]

The Floating Method – Fitting an Oak Floor

Posted: 24th April 2020

The floating method of laying an oak floor is for engineered oak flooring only. The floating method does not fix the flooring down to the surface beneath but rather relies on the characteristics of the multi layered engineered oak that prevent it from bending or warping and the tongue and groove connections between the boards […]

Oak Floor Fitting – The Glue Down Method

Posted: 9th April 2020

We’re going to have a look at the three recognised methods of oak floor fitting, firstly the glue down method. Read on to find out if this will be your favoured method when fitting your oak floor. Prepare Oak Floor Boards The glue down method can be used for both solid and engineered oak flooring […]

Coronavirus – Operational Update

Posted: 23rd March 2020

UPDATED – Thursday 29th October 2020 – 10:15 Due to the Welsh Government announcement regarding a COVID ‘Fire Break’ our business operations will remain unchanged. Our showroom will remain OPEN, with social distancing rules in place upon arrival. We have a hand sanitation area, to which we remain customers to use upon entry. Our Sample […]

Easter 2020: Resurrecting The Hardwood Flooring Hidden Under Your Carpet

Posted: 14th March 2020

Hardwood Flooring – Should you resurrect what’s hidden under your carpet? Wall to wall carpeting became very popular during the 60’s and 70’s. This resulted in the covering of beautiful hardwood flooring, particularly in residential properties built prior to the 1930’s depression years. The wood flooring in these properties used higher quality materials in comparison […]

Oak Flooring Finish – What Would You Prefer?

Posted: 16th February 2020

“Which oak flooring finish is for us?” Most of our cutomers ask themseleves this question and a great number also ask us, so lets have a look. Well the answer is simple – the best finish is the one that works best for you and your home. We can’t tell you what finish you should […]

New Year, New Oak Floor

Posted: 20th January 2020

January and February are the perfect time to upgrade your living space with the natural beauty of an oak floor. It’s a time of year that most of us survive through, looking forward to the sunnier months to come. So why not utilise the time to improve the look and feel of your home while […]

Interior Design Ideas – Feel The Warmth This Winter

Posted: 3rd November 2019

The winter months can be bleak for some but there’s no reason your home should suffer as a result. We are keen to make sure your home feels warm and bright even through the greyer months of the year, and with our interior design ideas you can feel warm, light and bright all year round! […]

A quick guide to Oak Floor terminology on our website

Posted: 25th September 2019

There are a lot of oak flooring terminologies and measurements mentioned on our website, here is a quick guide to some of them to help you when buying an oak floor for your home. Oak Floor Terminology Engineered Oak Engineered oak describes any oak flooring made up of a an oak wear layer backed by […]

Living with my oak floor

Posted: 3rd April 2019

I’ve been living with my oak floor for six months now and am pleased to say that it’s still looking as good as the day it was laid. Cleaning my floor When the floor was first laid I was a little worried about cleaning it as I knew that astringents would likely strip the oil […]

An oak floor and a Christmas Tree

Posted: 19th December 2018

Nothing compliments the twinkling lights of a Christmas Tree like the warm reflection of an oak floor beneath it. The obvious synergy of a tree and the wood. Also the feeling of bringing something natural into your house helps enrich the special feeling at this time of year. If you use an artificial Christmas tree […]

An oak floor – ordering to completion

Posted: 3rd December 2018

As a family we spend a lot of time out of doors. Unfortunately we often track some of it inside when we get home. When we bought our house it came complete with cream coloured carpets throughout. Wear and tear and the odd muddy footprint meant that they weren’t cream for very long! We had […]

Oak Flooring Grain and How It Comes About

Posted: 11th September 2018

The warm tones and beautiful patterns of oak grain are a major part of why we so often choose the material for our furniture and flooring in our homes. Oak of course also has many other facets, of strength, durability and structure which also attract us to the timber. Both the beauty of the grain […]

The oak tree as a building material

Posted: 30th June 2018

There are records of oak being used as a building material in the British Isles from as long as 8000 years ago. There are several oak trees in Britain that are over 1000 years old. They form a living link to the past and are protected and venerated. There are over 600 varieties of oak […]

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