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Benefits of Buying Oak Flooring in the Sale

Oak Flooring SaleEveryone loves a good sale, especially if it is on an expensive and considered purchase like oak flooring.

At Oak Floors Online, we do not run year ‘round sales that are a false economy and we never offer our products at a price that is claimed to be reduced but is actually the same price the product retails for all year long.

We have many years of experience in the timber trade and oak flooring industry and we strive to provide only the very highest quality oak flooring to our customers. From time to time, we like to offer our customers both past and present a “thank you”, in the form of a sale on our oak flooring. We discount our prices only rarely during the year and our sales last for a set amount of time and do not roll on indefinitely, so if you are thinking of purchasing your oak flooring from us during a sale period, make sure you don’t leave it too long to order and miss the chance for some great savings!

When you make the decision to buy oak flooring for your home or venue, it will be for many reasons, including lifestyle and health benefits (for example if you or family members suffer from Asthma or have allergies), as well as the obvious look and feel of oak flooring that adds a special something to each room that it is installed in. Whilst price will no doubt be a factor in your decision making process, it is unlikely that it is the sole deciding factor for where you buy your flooring from and you should always make sure that your oak flooring is supplied by a reputable firm, no matter how good a “deal” the price might seem to be.

There are several benefits to buying your oak flooring in the sale, of course the main benefit for many people will be the opportunity to save potentially a substantial amount of money on the amount that you had originally budgeted for on your new home improvement investment.

Oak Flooring in the SaleNo doubt you will have many different things that you can immediately think of that you could use the extra money saved from buying your flooring in the sale; we have some handy suggestions to make the most of your savings made on your sale purchase.

If you are buying your oak flooring in the sale specifically to cover a large area in your home or venue, you will no doubt be making quite a significant saving on non-sale prices, which means that your total amount saved could add up to a relatively large amount. You can use this additional saving amount to cover or contribute towards the cost of contracting a fitter to install your oak flooring, which has the knock on effect of again saving you more money on your oak flooring investment overall.

For those who are making savings but perhaps not enough to cover the cost of also having your flooring installed, those added extras that you want to buy such as waxoil, lacquers and other finishing items can most likely be covered or at least contributed to by the savings that you have made on your purchase. Many people fall into the trap of forgetting those additional essentials when ordering their oak flooring, so take the opportunity of savings in the sale to get everything that you need for your new floor.

When we have offered sales in the past, many of our customers have told us that as much as the savings available are a big benefit to them, they also had another, less expected benefit. With all of the different finishes available for flooring across both the solid oak boards and engineered oak boards, it can often be a case of too much choice for many people. If you are not sure which finish to choose for your oak floor, take a look at our guide to the different finishes to give you more of an idea of which ones might best suit your room and home.

Oak Flooring BoardsOur previous customers have told us that after ordering a couple of differently finished free samples, they simply couldn’t choose between their two favourites and were taking their time in making a decision. When they saw that the two choices that they were making a decision between were on sale, they were able to make a decision much more quickly so that they could take advantage of the savings options available. If you are stuck deciding between choosing a particular finish for your oak flooring, if one finish is on sale and the other isn’t, this may be the deciding factor for you or the sale may prompt you to make your decision that little bit sooner.

A big benefit of buying your oak flooring in the sale if you are purchasing engineered oak flooring is the possibility to consider underfloor heating as an additional investment for that extra bit of luxury in your home. Whilst the saving made on the floor boards won’t cover the additional cost of underfloor heating, this is a great chance to get the most from your investment and get real value and years of enjoyment from warm floors – you’ll even find that underfloor heating can save you money on your heating bills – so another benefit of buying your oak flooring in the sale!

Whilst you might use the money that you have saved to put towards the cost of a flooring fitter, you may decide to use the money that you have saved for something totally different, for example new cushions and soft furnishings to complement your new floor.

You should always be totally confident in your oak flooring purchase choices, whether you are benefitting from a sale or not. Make sure that you get a free sample of the floor you are thinking of before committing to an order, so that you can see how the light hits the floor at different times of the day and how it matches with your existing furniture and furnishings.

If you have any questions at all, we are always happy to help, give us a call or get in touch using our contact form.