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Vintage Oak Flooring

Wood flooring presents not only a natural flooring solution, but also one which is hardwearing and long lasting, whilst being easy to maintain. The last decade has seen a significant rise in its popularity, in some cases it has actually increased the value of a property. The popularity of wood flooring can largely be attributed to the diversity of grades and finishes available, offering flooring solutions to meet all requirements and tastes.

Typically, wood flooring falls into one of two categories, solid and engineered. Solid wood flooring refers to flooring boards which consist of a single piece of wood. Sometimes solid wood flooring is referred to as “real” wood flooring. Engineered flooring, however is typically constructed from multiple layers of plywood which are fused together and then topped with a surface layer of oak. Engineered flooring is exceptionally popular as it presents a cost effective alternative to solid wood flooring.

Our collection of vintage oak flooring contains a range of flooring boards which have been specifically chosen to provide flooring solutions which offer an appearance which is simultaneously timeless and aged. Offering a contemporary appearance suitable for all interiors which deliver both sophistication and style. In order to achieve these aesthetics we select aged timber, often this has been reclaimed, meaning that the timber is genuinely aged.

The aged appearance of our vintage oak flooring is enhanced by the timber grades we select. Typically, we use either Rustic grade timber or CD grader timber. We find these grading types provide the best results due to the knots and colour variations which are found in these timber grades, adding to the abundance of character found in our Vintage Oak Flooring planks.

This character is further enhanced by the surface finishes which we then apply to the boards. We have a range of surface finishes which produce a very distinct appearance. Our finishes include:

  • Lacquered: which produces a silky sheen effect.
  • Hand Scraped: which gives the flooring planks a rustic appearance further enhancing their vintage credentials.
  • Unfinished: Allowing our customers to appreciate the beauty of our Vintage Oak Flooring planks just as they are.

For further information about our range of oak flooring, or to enquire about the grade types we use or our surface finish techniques, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 0800 043 3073. Email enquiries can be sent to us by clicking here.

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