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UK Oak

In the UK Oak has long been a symbol of both strength and survival. This is has been reflected by the part that Oak has played in British history and culture, to demonstrate, Oak features on the 1997 pound coin, the festive yule log was historically cut from an Oak tree and the tree continues to be a symbol for numerous environmentally focussed organisations, notably the Woodland Trust.

UK OakIt is not just British culture which has strong links with the humble Oak tree, many ancient Gods and etymology have links to the tree. For example, ancient gods have sacred links to the Oak tree including the Greek Zeus and the Roman Jupiter. In ancient British culture druids regularly held worship and practiced rituals in oak groves and gave sacred status to the mistletoe which is found on the trees branches.

Oak fact: Oak trees do not produce acorns, the tree’s reproductive seeds, until they reach 40 years of age. The optimum acorn production period for UK Oak trees is when the tree is between 80 and 120 years old.

UK Oak trees provide exceptional levels of value to wildlife, they are able to support more life forms than any other native British tree. This is because they provide food for many insects which in turns provide food for many native birds. Whilst in autumn and winter the acorns which fall from the trees provide food for native mammals such as badgers and deer.

What Is Oak Used For?

UK Oak produces one of the hardest and most durable of timbers in the world. Even the tree’s Latin name, Quercus robur, reflect these characteristics as it means strength. However it takes the best part of 160 years before the timber is ready to be utilised in construction. Once the timber has reached maturity it provides one of the finest hardwoods produced by nature. In many ways the success of the British Empire can be attributed to Oak, as it was utilised to build the ship which Britain utilised to colonise much of the world.

Oak remains a popular timber to this day, it is used widely in the domestic interior market to create everything from doors to cabinets. At Oak Floors Online all our oak flooring is made from the highest quality oak. The reason for this is twofold, the high quality durable surface it provides and the simply beautiful aesthetic appearance it creates due to the timber being full of unique character.

For further information about our range of oak flooring planks, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0800 043 3073, or by email at

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