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ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring

ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring: Designed for Installation Over Underfloor Heating

ThruFlowOur unique ThruFlow product was recently discussed in detail by our very own Will Morris in the Building Products magazine.

Sizes Available

Available as 15(4) x 189 for installation over UFH that is bedded within a supporting subfloor.

And also available as 22(6) x 189 that is structural grade, so can be installed directly onto joists with no need for extra support between them.

The Perfect Way To Optimise Your Underfloor Heating

Our ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring is a product that is unique and exclusive to Oak Floors Online, having been designed, developed and produced by ourselves, our main aim being to maximise the efficiency of your Underfloor Heating when installed together with oak flooring.

Engineered Oak FLooring Thruflow Under Floor HeatingThe difference between our ThruFlow and our other engineered oak flooring is that the plywood underside is pre-drilled with a precise pattern of holes during manufacture, thus reducing the overall thermal resistance, which enables the UFH beneath to work more efficiently.

Due to this improved ‘through-flow’ of heat, the warmth that’s generated by your underfloor heating system will travel through our ThruFlow quicker and more efficiently than it would with other oak flooring products of a similar thickness, thereby saving you money on your heating bills.

All our ThruFlow flooring is supplied with a Brushed & Natural Oiled finish, so not only does it look very natural after installation with its slightly textured finish that reflects light beautifully, but it is also very easy to change the colour should you ever want to, by simply applying another coat of Waxoil in the colour of your choice (Waxoil is available in over 25 different colours).

Please note that the drilled underside is covered with a stabilising veneer, so the holes within will only become apparent as the boards are cross-cut during installation.

Our 15(4) x 189 ThruFlow Oak Flooring

(For installation over UFH that is bedded within a supporting subfloor)

ThruFlow Underfloor HeatingThe higher the Thermal Conductivity of an engineered oak floor (the rate that heat travels through it), the more efficient the Underfloor Heating system beneath it will be, and the more money you will save on your heating bills.

Our 15(4)mm thick ThruFlow oak flooring has been proven to have a Thermal Conductivity that’s approx 14-18% better than our standard 15(4)mm engineered products, so if your annual heating bill is £1,000, you would save £150 every year when the two products are compared (this may help you to decide if the initial extra cost is worthwhile for your project).

Tests have even proven that our 15(4)mm ThruFlow oak flooring has 5% better thermal conductivity than a thinner engineered product 14(3)mm thick, which means that not only will you be saving money on your heating bills by using it, but you’ll also be able to enjoy 33% longer life for you floor (having a 4mm oak wear layer, rather than 3mm).

Our 15(4)mm ThruFlow engineered oak flooring can be installed in all the usual ways;

  • Float over underlay
  • Glue down
  • Nail down

And is manufactured to the exact same size and profile as our standard 15(4)mm engineered products, making it a simple job to seamlessly run one room with UFH into another without.

If you want oak flooring for installation over UFH, whilst maximising the combined efficiency to save money on your heating bills, and create a long-lasting durable and beautiful floor surface for your home, look no further; our 15(4) x 189 ThruFlow is the exact product you want and need.

Our 22(6) x 189 Structural Grade ThruFlow Oak Flooring

(Can be installed directly onto floor joists without the need for extra support between)

Engineered Oak Flooring Thruflow Brush Natural Oiled Cross SectionOur 22 x 189 ThruFlow structural grade oak flooring allows you to install an extremely durable and long-lasting timber product over your underfloor heating system where there is no fully supportive subfloor.

This means you can fix it directly to floor joists or similar intermittent supports with UFH between them, with the added benefit of it being approx 15% more efficient than a standard 20 or 21mm engineered oak flooring, which saves in time, effort and the extra cost of installing an extra supportive plywood subfloor.

Our 22mm ThruFlow has a full 6mm wear layer for durability and long life, and even with the inclusion of the predrilled underside for better heat-flow efficiency, it is still 40% stronger than the required industry standard due to the combination of the oak and plywood being bonded together.

With standard flooring of such thickness, there is a possibility of the oak flooring over heating because of heat ‘build-up’ and retention after installation, but this is vastly reduced because of the improved heat ‘through-flow’, so minimising the potential for dimensional changes.

Our 22(6)mm x 189 ThruFlow engineered oak flooring can be installed in all the usual ways;

  • Float over underlay
  • Glue down
  • Nail down

And as stated earlier, can be fixed directly to supporting joists or battens without the need for structural support between.

This reduces time and effort for installation of a supporting subfloor, thus reducing the initial cost, whilst making residual savings month on month due to the improved UFH efficiency.

Ideal For Every Room in the Home

Both our 15mm and 22mm ThruFlow engineered oak flooring products are available as Brushed and Natural Oiled – by far our most popular finish, providing a beautifully enhanced and natuThruFlow Oak Flooring Finishesral looking grain that minimises the appearance of scratches and wear marks, whilst being the most simple surface finish to maintain.

The finish is clear Waxoil that simply brings out the natural colours of the oak itself, so should you
ever wish to darken the appearance at all, you can apply another coat of Waxoil in the colour of your choice to easily do so (Waxoil is available in over 25 different colours).

Maintenance should involve nothing more than a light sanding and the application of more Waxoil to bring it back to pristine condition when required (depending on wear & tear). It should never require a total re-finish where it must be sanded down to bare oak, which increases its lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. No wonder we can’t get enough of it!

The only oak flooring that can actually pay for itself, by saving you money on your heating bills.

Luxury That Offers a Return on Your Investment

In tests, our ThruFlow products showed that Thermal Conductivity efficiency increased by between 12-20% when compared to our standard engineered oak flooring of the same thickness.

Further tests proved that our 15(4)mm thick ThruFlow is more efficient than an engineered board that’s 14mm overall with a 3mm oak wear layer.

This means that not only will your UFH system be more efficient with our 15(4)mm ThruFlow than a 14(3)mm one, but your floor will last 33% longer too

Used in conjunction with our self regulating underfloor heating system, which is proven to use 20% less energy than other underfloor heating systems due to its ‘intelligence’, our ThruFlow engineered oak flooring will not only reward you with a warm home and happy feet, it will also offer a good return on investment over the lifespan of the floor.

If you have Underfloor Heating within your project and want durable and beautiful oak flooring to go down above it, look no further because our ThruFlow will out-perform any other similar engineered product with regards thermal conductivity and UFH efficiency.

And that’s not even mentioning the green advantages it offers for the environment, being that it reduces required heat output, and requires less oak for its production than solid oak.

Order your free sample now.