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Self-Regulating Under Floor Heating System

Self-Regulating Under Floor Heating System

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Oak Flooring With Underfloor Heating – No Problem!

Introducing our intelligent, super efficient, easy to install, self -regulating underfloor heating system, designed specifically for use with oak floors.

The intelligent technology in our Self-Regulating Underfloor Heating System identifies potential hotspots, reducing output in these areas and diverting the heat to where it is most needed.

Not only does this make our Self-Regulating Underfloor Heating System incredibly safe, it is also extremely efficient.

What does self-regulating mean?

The self-regulating heating cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes within the floor surface. For example, if you have an area of floor that is subjected to direct sunlight, the cable heat output will reduce within that area. Likewise, should there be a draught from a door or window, the system output will increase there.

Put simply, the heating cables automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes within your room and especially on the surface of your floor, which makes them ideal for temperature-sensitive floors such as Oak.

How it Works

The outer jacket, braid and inner jacket provide mechanical, chemical and electrical protection but the magic happens in the conductive core, which is extruded over the two parallel conductors.

What that means to your warm feet is a little easier to understand. As the ambient temperature drops, the core contracts microscopically. It shrinks. This means the number of electrical paths through the core increases, producing more heat and happy feet.

Self-regulating technology has proven unique advantages for wooden floors.

Wood floors are a natural product and as such respond and react to the varying temperatures to which they are subjected, but the T2Red cable senses the thermal conductivity of the top floor layer and automatically adjusts its heat output to suit, thus never overheating the core or surface of the flooring.

The gentle heat-up properties of the system also allows the floor to respond more slowly, thereby preventing any damage caused by your wooden floor heating up too quickly.

Carpets and furniture can be safely placed on the wooden floor without the risk of creating ‘Hot Spots’ within the floor surface or causing the furniture to sweat.

Our Self-Regulating Underfloor Heating System may be used with either our 15mm engineered oak flooring or our 21mm engineered oak flooring.

If your underfloor heating system is going to be your primary source of heat then we recommend either one of our ThruFlow products or a product from our range of 15mm Engineered products.

Our standard 15mm engineered oak flooring offers an efficient Tog rating of 1.12, which is better than the 1.58 Tog of the thicker 21mm engineered product.

NB: If you need more durability and strength than our 15mm range provides, then we recommend using our unique 22mm ThruFlow product which is 25-35% more efficient than the standard 21mm product when installed in this situation.

Easy to Install, Simple to Use.

T2Red + T2Reflecta Installation Information

  • Heating cable can be cut to length for any size or shaped room.
  • T2Red cable is easy to position and correctly spaced by the grooves in the T2Reflecta plates.
  • No filler needed: wooden floor can be laid directly on top of the plates.
  • No glue or screws needed to fix the plates for wooden floors.

The thermostat calculates when the heating needs to be switched on to obtain the right temperature at the required preset time, so if you want your temperature to be 23 degrees at 6am when you get up, the intelligent system will turn itself on earlier to reach that temperature for that precise time.

Raychem T2Red + T2Reflecta – The Energy-Efficient Underfloor Heating System

  • Save Uses 20% less energy than standard underfloor heating systems through integrated insulation and self-regulating efficiency.
  • Requires less than half the energy of conventional wall mounted panel radiators.
  • Because of its proven efficiency and the fact no maintenance is required,our Self Regulating Underfloor Heating System pays for itself faster than other systems.
  • Very simple to fit, you will just need to have the final connection completed and tested by a qualified electrician.

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