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Thermo-Hygrometer (for monitoring humidity & temperature)

£9.50 ex VAT - (£11.40 inc VAT)

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Such a simple and inexpensive tool that can save you thousands of pounds!

Our Thermo-Hygrometer is not for measuring Moisture Content of subfloors, walls, flooring etc…, it’s for measuring the air conditions of the room only (the Relative Humidity and temperature), so although important before installation, it becomes very important afterwards.

For confirming moisture content, we suggest that you either employ an installer that owns a Moisture Meter or if you’re doing the installation yourself, hire one from a local hire shop.

When installing an expensive, high quality oak floor within your home, you must maintain the surrounding air conditions for optimum performance of that floor, especially the humidity within the room itself.

Changes in humidity will cause changes in your floor’s moisture content, and as the moisture content of an oak floor changes, so will its dimensions; an increase making it expand and a decrease causing it to shrink.

When this happens after installation, the structure of the floor can also change, sometimes causing damage that’s expensive to put right.

So monitoring the conditions within your room is where to start, before you can then implement the necessary solutions to what those conditions demand. 

This little device will help you to do just that, thus preventing floor failure in the future, which could be caused by humidity levels dropping to below what they should be.

Failure to control and maintain humidity is one of the most common causes of floor failure, so for £19.95 you can literally Save Your Floor, whilst saving yourself all the hassle and expense of floor repair and replacement.

  • 3 times more accurate than other hygrometers available
  • Higher sensitivity due to state of the art thin polymer film
  • Ceramic substrate for faster resonse time
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Simple to set and read

For the sake of spending £19.95 plus Vat, why not buy this little device when you order your oak flooring, so that you can monitor the conditions that surround it and ultimately Save Your Floor!