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20(5)x400x3900 Maxi Swiss Oak Flooring

£64.00 ex VAT per m2(£76.80 inc VAT per m2)

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Our Maxi Swiss oak flooring is a marvellous 400mm wide x 3900mm long and can make a fine addition to any home or establishment. Our Maxi boards are available with a hand scraped and waxoil finish or a simple unfinished sanded, ready for your chosen finish.

With an estimated delivery of 2-4 days you can furnish your home with a rich oak lustre without suffering lengthy delivery times.

Due to its large dimensions, the maxi swiss oak flooring is ideal for use in spacious offices, open-plan lounges and other similar large areas. At a length of 3.9 metres, for the majority of boards, the floor requires less cutting during installation for longer rooms.

The boards consist of a 5mm European oak top wear layer, 10mm of Birch plywood that forms the centre core, which is then bonded to a 5mm oak stabilising veneer, thus giving 20mm thickness in total. This construction process provides strength, reliability and stability to the finished product.

Our scraped finishing process that our maxi swiss oak flooring receives during production provides an authentic appearance for your finished floor. This surface appearance replicates the way that oak flooring was flattened and levelled before modern machinery became available. It provides slightly varying levels and tolerances between boards that add to its character and style.

Please note, important points:

  • Our maxi products are of a large size and require additional handling in order to arrive safely and securely. If possible we ask that our clients be available to assist with the unloading of products to ensure extra safety.
  • We will provide a careful consultation with you to help you decide what finish and extras you may need with your oak flooring. We take careful consideration to ensure a suitable delivery time to transport your beautiful oak flooring. We are passionate about our high level of customer care so if you have any questions during the process, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Unfortunately we cannot offer free samples via our website of our maxi range. However if you contact us via email or telephone, we will be able to sort a sample out on request.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 3900 × 400 cm

Hand scraped, finished with Medium Oak Waxoil

Board Thickness

Board Width


Approx 85% @ 3900mm long, 15% shorter

Oak Wear Layer




Moisture Content

6-9% on arrival to site.


5mm Oak / 10mm Birch / 5mm Oak: Structural


TG4: T&G sides & ends, all micro bevelled

Length Tolerance

+/- 1.0mm

Width Tolerance

+/- 0.5mm

Thickness Tolerance

+/- 0.5mm

m2 Per Carton

3.12 for 3900mm long carton

Installation Method

Float, Glue Down, Nail/Screw Down

Suitable for UFH?


Product Code


Free Sample Available?


Our Maxi flooring range of products can be nailed down or screwed down to a timber subfloor, or glued down with flexible adhesive. Details of these methods can be found in our Fitting Guidelines guide.

This product is suitable for installation over UFH but due to its size, proper acclimatisation is vital, whilst ongoing maintenance is required to monitor/control the surrounding humidity levels to minimise dimensional movement and change.

Although our Maxi engineered products have an underside of oak and high quality Birch plywood, and are designed to provide excellent stability after installation, they’re still constructed of all natural products. After proper and sufficient acclimatisation, the conditions during installation should be maintained as consistently as possible thereafter for optimum performance and to avoid dimensional movement of each board within the finished floor. For information on important, ongoing maintenance, please refer to our Care & Maintenance guide.

Weather, Humidity, Temperature and the Ongoing Maintenance of Your Flooring Because oak is a natural, hygroscopic (water absorbent) material, and its dimensions are directly relative to its moisture content, we must control and maintain the relative humidity within our homes to enable the moisture content of our oak flooring to remain constant. This will ensure stability of each board within the finished floor, because failure to do this may force these boards to change dimensionally and structurally. This is not at all a fault of the flooring itself but all to do with the conditions that it’s being forced to endure.

Here’s an example of what can happen, when the outdoor temperature is 0°C The maximum amount of water that a cubic metre of air can hold at this temperature is 5 grams, so when you bring this cubic metre of air inside and heat it to 25°C, the relative humidity drops to only 23%. We actually recommend a minimum of 40% for optimum floor stability (incidentally, this is also the level that health experts recommend for our bodies too, so good for our floor and good for us).

But it gets worse as the temperature outside falls lower, and this is why the air inside any heated building in the winter can become too dry, which can obviously have an effect on our flooring (and our bodies).

When relative humidity is allowed to drop too low, our flooring is forced to lose moisture itself and will try to curl upwards towards the dry air (similar to a piece of bacon under a grill) in an effort to find moisture.Any time the temperature outside is well below freezing, relative humidity inside will be below 20% unless you do something to increase it, and not increasing it can have a devastating effect on your oak floor.

Our 20 x 380 x 3900 Maxi Engineered Oak flooring is constructed as a multilayer board, consisting of a 5mm single strip of solid European oak face or wear layer, that is bonded to a 10mm Birch plywood core section that is in turn bonded to another stabilising layer of 5mm oak.

This structure, when fully bonded together, provides the strength and stability required for such a huge oak floor board.

We recommend using either the full face glue down method or nail/screw down method for installation because of the massive width that our Maximus products provide.

  • 20mm overall thickness (5mm oak/10mm Birch/5mm oak)
  • 5mm thick single strip oak face 400mm wide
  • 3.9 metres long (75%+ with other lengths being a mix of 2.1m, 1.9m and 1.5m)
  • Mixed Grade, but the finish used provides a very consistent coloured finish
  • The finish is scraped and coated with waxoil
  • Various size knots are included, some filled and sanded, some left open as features
  • Moisture Content 8 – 12%
  • Micro bevelled sides
  • TG4 and supplied with loose tongues for end joints
  • Carton size varies but 3.9m planks are supplies as 2 per pack, so 3.14m2
  • Suitable for installation above UFH