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Oak Flooring Suitable for Under Floor Heating

We all know that underfloor heating systems are more efficient than standard wall-hung radiators but this efficiency is drastically reduced if the layer of flooring above is so thick that it prevents the heat from travelling through it.

Don’t let this stop you enjoying the warmth and comfort of a real oak floor. At Oak Floors Online we have developed the perfect solution.

Not only do we supply both eucalyptus and birch backed products, both of which are ideally suitable use with under floor heating offering excellent stability after installation, we have also developed our state of the art ThruFlow technology –  designed with both your comfort and your heating bills in mind.

Our 15mm engineered oak floor is perfect for use with underfloor heating because it has a low thermal resistance. This allows the heat to travel through the floor quickly and efficiently.

Our 21mm products can also be used with underfloor heating, but the performance and efficiency may be reduced slightly because of the board’s extra thickness.

With our 15mm ThruFlow engineered oak floor, offering a full 4mm wear layer of oak backed by 11mm of tough Eucalyptus plywood, we have taken efficiency to the next level.

This construction is exactly the same as our standard 15mm flooring, except for the unique pattern of pre-drilled holes within the plywood underside that reduces the thermal resistance even further.

Heat travels through the ThruFlow board with ease, enabling your underfloor heating system to operate at least 25% more efficiently than if used in conjunction with a standard 15mm engineered oak floorboard.

With all our engineered oak products, We use ‘Thermostabile’ adhesive, a specially formulated adhesive for this type of board, providing maximum bond strength between the plywood and oak wear layer. The Birch products also have a unique double-layer plywood construction for even better stability after installation and to counterbalance the strong oak wear layer above.

Unfinished Engineered Oak Suitable For Use With Underfloor Heating Systems

The main advantage of unfinished engineered oak is that you can colour and seal it to your exact specification which allows you to match it up with any colour.

Unfinished engineered oak is available in sizes 15×189, 21×189 and 21×240 – our widest oak floor.

Unfinished engineered oak is also available with a square edge for a seamless finish (size 15×189 only).

Our ThruFlo energy efficient engineered oak is available unfinished in sizes 15×189 and 22×189.

Brushed and Natural Oiled

Brushed and Natural Oiled oak is our most popular finish by far offering a beautifully enhanced and natural looking grain. Brushed and Natural Oiled  oak is coated with natural colour waxoil that does not change the colour of the floor.

The Brushed and Natural Oiled finish is achieved by ‘brushing’ the face of the planks during manufacture to remove the slightly softer fibres of the oak, which after oiling, enhances the beautiful grain features of natural oak and provides a slightly textured surface.

Not only does this mean that scratches and marks don’t show up as much as on a smooth finish, but because the waxoil colour is natural, if you ever want to darken the colour you can apply another coat of waxoil in whatever colour you choose to achieve the exact finish that you want.

This finish is simple to maintain and should only ever require a light sanding and another coat of waxoil to bring it back to pristine condition when required. It should never require a total re-finish, which increases its lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.

Brushed and Natural Oiled engineered floor is available in sizes 15×189 and 21×189.

Our ThruFlo energy efficient engineered oak is available in Brushed and Natural Oiled in sizes 15×189 and 22×189.

For the ultimate in durability, ask about our 100% Birch plywood backed Brushed and Natural Oiled engineered floor.

Double Brushed and Dark Oiled

The deep textured finish is created by double brushing the face of the oak plank during manufacture before applying several coats of a dark waxoil to enhance the grain features, thus creating a somewhat antique appearance that is truly beautiful.

Very popular in conversions and restorations because of its appearance when installed in rooms with other wood features – often being installed in bars or restaurants where the floor will be subjected to high traffic because it doesn’t show up marks and scratches like a smooth finish does.

Very simple to maintain and should never require a total re-sanding of the whole area for re-finishing. Just sand the worn areas by hand and apply another coat or two of waxoil to bring the floor back to life and looking as good as new.

Double Brushed and Dark Oiled engineered oak floors are available in sizes 15×189 and 21×189.

This is a brushed & oiled surface, so oak being oak, there will be a variance in the depth of texture, depending on the grain of each board. Some boards may be quite smooth with not much texture but others may be quite rough where more of the softer fibres of the face have been brushed out, sometimes causing a slightly ‘spiky’ feel. This is not a fault with the board and can either be fixed by lightly sanding the area concerned and re-coating with waxoil, or simply avoided through selection of the boards during installation.


The finish on our engineered oak lacquered flooring is achieved by applying 7 coats of UV lacquer over a primer onto a sanded oak board. An anti-scratch protection coat is then applied to make the wood more durable. This results in flooring that is relatively smooth and hard, with a shiny satin finish. It is also easy to clean, making it a great choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Engineered oak lacquered flooring has always been a popular choice as it perfectly complements many different styles of room and decors. It works very well in rooms with low natural light, as the shiny finish can brighten up the room through reflection.

Lacquered engineered oak flooring is available in sizes 15×189 and 21×189.

Hand Scraped

Mirroring traditional wood working techniques, each oak plank is hand scraped before being coloured either with waxoil or a lacquered stain, with a slightly enhanced and darker grain. We are confident you will agree that Hand Scraped oak looks absolutely stunning.

Hand scraped flooring adds a texture to any environment, echoing the ancient methods used for levelling and flattening an oak floor in years gone by. This finish adds to the depth, warmth and unique character of your finished floor, with the grain being slightly textured and darker to enhance the natural oak beauty.

Our Hand Scraped range is available in Antique Golden Oak and Vintage Chocolate, either oiled or lacquered. Hand scraped engineered oak is only available in size 15×189.

Celtic Character Rustic

The unique Celtic Character Rustic finish is created by allowing all grades of oak into the finished production line, and then filling all the open natural irregularities with a very dark putty before being sanded and then oiled. This is done to highlight and enhance these features such as knots and splits in the wood, thus creating a very rustic appearance that is truly stunning when viewed on a completed floor.

Celtic Character Rustic oak is a sanded and oiled finish, intended to grow in character as the floor is used – any marks and scratches simply adding to the character effect. This makes it a perfect choice for rooms that see high volumes of traffic such as living rooms and even children’s playrooms.

Having said that, if you ever want to make any repairs, this is a simple process of sanding the effected area by hand and re-oiling.

One of the beauties of a finished oak floor is that no two boards are the same, so we have chosen to make this a feature of the floor and make these characteristics stand out with pride. It is our most work intensive finish but we believe the effort is well worth it.

When a small sample is sometimes considered, with a big black ‘streak’ running through it, it is very difficult to imagine your whole floor containing such features but it works! It looks amazing, so please make sure you study the photos of Celtic Character Rustic flooring installed.

Celtic Character Rustic engineered oak floor is available in sizes 15×189 and 21×189.

Celtic Character Rustic floor finish is also all Birch plywood backed, and so is ideal for use over underfloor heating – the 15mm-thick option being designed specifically for this use.

Most of the engineered oak flooring we list on our site is  available within 4-5 days. Please be aware that this is an incredibly popular type of flooring and as such may be subject to stock shortages during busy periods.

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