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Oak Flooring for Your Home

Oak Flooring For Your Home: The Living Room

15 x 189 Hand Scraped Vintage Engineered Oak FlooringRegenerate your living room with our stylish oak flooring; give your style the edge. Whether you prefer gingerbread hues or honey tones we have a colour palate of stunning oak flooring for your living room.

Your living room is your space to relax and unwind with your family and friends, so our underfloor heating (UFH) is ideal for your room.  The oak boards become the hearth of the room, emanating warm aromas of woodland walks and forest glades. Children love to create adventures with just a few toys and a room to start their quest. With our UFH their play area will become a cosy universe of imagination.

Complimentary Colour

The versatility of our oak flooring enables you to continually re-invent your living room. Unlike carpet, that often has to be replaced when re-decorating, our flooring compliments many styles and colours. If you choose to re-decorate in the future then your oak floor will follow you throughout your style journey. We recommend our 15(4)x189 Lacquered Mixed Grade for a combination of smoky syrups and intense soft fudges for a classic but modern twist.

15 x 189 Brushed & Natural Oiled Engineered Oak FlooringOur oak flooring has a special way of creating a spacious atmosphere even in the smallest of rooms. So if you have limited space then our flooring could add a sense of additional volume to your space. In a larger room our flooring can create a bond that will hold the elements of the room together, creating closeness without affecting the spaciousness of the room.

Using oak flooring for your living room is particularly good for the elderly as it is easy to clean, with minimal work required for day-to-day spillages and tidying. Vacuuming is also easier as there is no need to push your machine over a carpet; instead the surface is smooth making the labour a great deal easier.

Oak Flooring For Your Home: The Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a warm arcadia with our stylish oak flooring collection. From mocha hues to rich vanillas, we have a variety of carefully crafted oak flooring for your bedroom.

Carpets can be the bane of any homeowner with a constant need for stain removal and the inevitable fade of the fine colour you once had. Our flooring solutions provide an easily maintainable floor whilst bringing an ornamentally aesthetic quality to your room. We know important it is to have a warm calm bedroom so our oak flooring is carefully designed with this in mind.

If you are a parent then you likely have plenty of experience with removing stains from carpets. Let our oak flooring take away part of the labour as our flooring is easy to wipe clean and stain free.  Our flooring is also a great cost saving solution because of its longevity. Take a moment to think about how many carpets you have had to replace due to wear and tear. With our oak flooring you can guarantee a beautiful floor that will last for many years. Please see our Care and Maintenance guide for our expert advice on how to get the most out of your oak flooring.

Underfloor Heating

We highly recommend UFH (Under Floor Heating) for bedrooms to keep an ambient heat within your room. We are also the innovators of ThruFlow technology; this optimises your UFH by 35% (when compared with our standard engineered oak floor). Our 15(4)x189 Unfinished Square Edge Mixed Grade is one of our many UFH compatible floors.  This versatile floor comes in a chic ash blonde and compliments an array of colours including pastels and bright whites. It is a duality of modern and vintage in design.

Pets often like to sleep in bedrooms so it will often be a place that will gather fur. Using oak flooring for your bedroom is an ideal solution to this as the surface is easy to sweep. Unlike a carpet, it won’t carry an excessive amount of fur. This feature also means it reduces dust and other allergens in the home. If you have a child or family member who has allergies then our flooring could help aid this (if regularly swept).

Oak Flooring For Your Home: The Dining Room

Oak Flooring For Your Dining RoomYour dining room is your hub of hospitality, serving every type of occasion from the traditional Sunday dinner to the hearty Christmas lunch. This room is not only a place for dining but also often used other functions. Arts and crafts, writing, homework and many other day-to-day activities.

When designing your dining experience many homeowners pick matching glassware, cutlery and place settings to compliment their style. If your flooring fails to complement that then the aura of the room will be incomplete. Our oak flooring is designed for you by our expert craftsmen and incorporates the latest trends on the market. Our 15(4)x189 Lacquered engineered oak flooring is a sophisticated mix of warm caramels and deep almonds for a classic yet vogue appeal.


It is quite common to have aspillages in a dining room, whether that be wine, milk or even poster paint. With our flooring you no longer need to worry about the typical spillage concerns like red wine.  All our floors are easy to wipe and with the right care and attention it will last you a lifetime.

15 x 189 Lacquered Engineered Oak FlooringOur flooring enables you to transform your dining room into a statement room. Your dining room will be a room to be proud of leaving a lasting impression on your family and friends. Unlike the artificial laminate flooring oak boards give your home an authentic feel. Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring cannot be revitalised with refinishing; once it becomes damaged it must be replaced.

Having an oak floor brings the beauty of nature into your dining room. Oak has character and breaths a gentle aroma of woodland musk into your home.  Oak flooring adapts with the seasons creating a reviving atmosphere in the spring and a comforting warmth in the winter.

Colour To Suit

If you prefer a deeper shade for your dining room then our 18×120 Double Brushed & Dark Oiled Solid Oak flooring is a fine choice. The boards are filled with bold espresso swirls and gentle cinnamon tones for a bold but serene atmosphere.

We have free samples available for all of our flooring so that you can visualise your new floor and decide which board is best for you. Please see our guides for information on how to take the proper care and attention to ensure a long life for your stunning dining room floor.

Oak Flooring For Your Bathroom

15 x 189 Hand Scraped Vintage Engineered Oak Flooring For Your HomeDespite what many people may think, oak flooring can be used in a bathroom or shower room but we advise using engineered oak flooring and not solid oak. Oak flooring can be used in a bathroom or shower room and offers a warmer feel than standard tiling.

This is because the engineered oak flooring will provide better stability when installed in an area where humidity will vary. Our plywood backing sees to this.

The perfect product to use is our 15 x 189 Unfinished Square Edge oak flooring because it creates a seamless floor surface that is then completely sealed immediately after installation for total protection.

Oak Flooring For Your Home: The Conservatory

15 x 189 Unfinished Square Edged Solid Oak Flooring For Your HomeA conservatory or sunroom is the ideal place to use our oak flooring, with natural daylight pouring in the floor will enhance the spacious look and feel of this space. We advise using engineered oak flooring for installation in conservatories or sunrooms because it will provide better stability than solid oak flooring, which is required because of the vast temperature changes that this type of room experiences throughout the year.

All our engineered oak has a high quality plywood underside. This ensures that dimensional movement is minimised during the different seasons, and the varying conditions that each presents.

Oak Flooring For Your Home: The Office

15 x 189 Brushed & Natural Oiled Engineered Oak FlooringWhen considering a flooring product for your home office or study, you obviously want something that will provide excellent durability but you also want it to look great too. Using our oak flooring for your office will leave a lasting impression of sophistication on your clients and visitors.

Our oak flooring meets both demands and if you choose one of our Brushed & Oiled products, maintenance will be a simple process too.

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