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Using Oak Flooring To Create That Retro Look

Using Oak Flooring To Create Retro Look

Interior design is like any fashion – there are trends that come and go. At the time much fuss is made of them but they are often fleeting and then quickly forgotten. On the other hand, there are those styles that are timeless, often known as designer classics, these styles can also be found. One of these styles is the retro flooring look, otherwise known as the rustic look.

Surprisingly perhaps, oak flooring is incredibly versatile when it comes to lending assistance to interior design trends and the retro look is no exception. Beneath we explore two ways in which you can use oak flooring in order to enhance the retro look that you are building throughout your interior.

Rustic Solid Oak Floors:

Many people do not accept imitations when it comes to oak flooring and will only accept the real, solid option. Oak flooring that is suitable for use in a retro interior has often been reclaimed from a previous installation or has been specifically finished and stained in order to provide aesthetics which are authentic. These finishes include hand scraping, distressing and colour washing, when accomplished by professionals the effect is truly stunning. It is important to note that a rustic solid floor will come at a cost, however you will be left with a floor that is truly unique. In order to take full advantage of your rustic solid oak flooring, make sure to opt for a wider plank type. This will provide the largest showcase for the wood’s natural beauty to shine through. Additionally, for added authenticity, select a solid oak flooring type that features numerous character marks, such as wormholes, knots and grain variation. The combination of these features and the finish will provide excellent accompaniment to your retro interior.

Rustic Engineered Oak Floors:

Increasingly more people are opting for engineered oak flooring in order to achieve their rustic look. Whilst engineered oak flooring used to have a bad name, modern technology and manufacturing techniques are meaning that this flooring option often combines the best of both worlds. Engineered oak flooring is made using a plywood core which has a real oak wear layer on the top- this makes it cost effective and enables it to be used with underfloor heating. Furthermore, engineered oak flooring offers all of the characterisation options available on solid oak flooring, meaning that there is zero compromise on aesthetics.

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