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Should You Have The Same Oak Flooring Finish Throughout Your Home?

When you are considering investing in oak flooring for your home, there are so many options available for the type of oak flooring, what finish you are going to choose and whether you want to invest in underfloor heating for that added bit of luxury. The decision can be even more difficult to make when you are choosing to have oak floors throughout your home, either in more than one room or throughout your whole house or apartment.

The finish of your oak flooring is essentially the main thing that people will see of the floor boards and will be the thing that helps to create the interior look that you want for your home. Engineered oak floor boards and solid oak floor boards are available in many different finishes and once installed, there is no visible difference between an engineered oak floor board and a solid board.

Oak Flooring Finish Throughout HomeThe finish that you choose for your oak flooring is a reflection of your own personal taste and style and you need to make sure that you are ordering the right finish either for every individual room or for all rooms if you decide to have the same finish throughout your home. We always recommend that you take advantage of our free sample offer to compare your favourite finishes in your home before you make that final decision. You can order your free samples here and when they arrive, you can place them in different rooms to see how the light falls over them at different times of day and if they blend in with your existing décor, just to make sure that you are choosing the right finish for each room.

If your home is particularly spacious, having the same finish throughout each room will emphasise the space that you have, even with a darker finish such as our Hand Scraped Vintage Oak Flooring, you will be able to create a feeling of a larger space as people move from one room to another. If your home is a smaller space, opting to have the same finish throughout in a lighter finish such as our lacquered finish, available in both solid and engineered boards, will create the illusion of more space and will make the most of the space that you have available. You can read more about oak flooring for smaller spaces in our article here.

For people who have a more uniform style approach throughout their home, having the same finish of oak flooring can perfectly complement the existing décor, for inspiration in different styling methods and accessories, take a look at Apartment Therapy for examples of interiors from real homes and Fresh Design Blog for great accessorising suggestions and product reviews.

If you like to give your rooms an identity of their own in your home, you might prefer to choose different finishes for each room or for different floors of your home (if you have them, that is!). For example, you might want to create a more warm and cosy atmosphere in the upstairs rooms of your home, so you might choose to have a finish that is darker throughout all of these rooms; our Double Brushed and Dark Oiled finish is particularly popular for nurseries, bedrooms and upstairs hallways and helps to create a calm and cosy atmosphere. Downstairs you might prefer to have a lighter feel and a lacquered or even a more statement finish like Celtic Character Rustic will create a fresh and bright feeling in your home.

Throughout Oak Flooring Finish At HomeIf you have decided that you want to install oak flooring throughout your home and are still not sure which finish you want to have, an “unfinished” finish will give you the flexibility of finishing your flooring however you like once it has been installed. You can choose to finish each room in the same way or you may choose to have slight or completely different finishes throughout once you have seen the flooring installed. We stock a range of finishing products that allow you to put your own stamp on it, including waxoils in a variety of tones, and if you choose to finish your floor in a lacquer – there is a selection of lacquer colours available to truly make your floor your own, we have even seen a bright red lacquered finish on one of our oak floors from a football fan!

If you have decided that you want to have solid oak flooring installed in your home, you have slightly less finish choices available to you because of the nature of the boards, so you need to check that the finish you want is available in the type of flooring that you have selected.

Engineered oak flooring offers a wide range of finish choices and generally behaves “better” than solid oak flooring in a variety of environmental settings. The added benefit with our engineered oak flooring is that the whole range is suitable for installation over underfloor heating. We have developed an innovative ThruFlow technology that can actually save you money on your heating bills, you can read more about ThruFlow here.

If you want to find out more about the differences between engineered and solid oak flooring and the benefits of each, you can have a read through our handy guide here.

Whatever finish you choose for your oak flooring, from the same finish throughout your home to a different finish in each room, it is important that you are confident when choosing a fitter to install your floor. We have shared our Eleven Essential Tips when Choosing an Oak Flooring Fitter to help you make an informed choice.

Finally, for many people nowadays the environmental impact of their purchases is of big importance so if you are choosing to have oak flooring installed throughout your whole home, you will no doubt want to make sure that you are making responsible purchases, have a read through our article Oak Flooring a Sound Environmental Choice, all about the environmental impact of oak flooring, from harvesting the timber to production and eventual disposal.