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The floor’s the limit

Most of us are delighted at the thought of oak flooring in a favourite room or throughout our home. However, the use of wood as a luxury surface continues to expand well beyond the front door. While the future of transport may look sleek, with carbon fibre or space-age metals forming the hulls or shells, inside, designers still insist on the finest materials like oak, leathers and top-grade ceramics for flooring, fixtures and fittings.

From high-end yachts with their oak galley or deck floors, harking back to the days of grand liners and clippers, to the luxury of the Orient Express, oak is everywhere when it comes to exclusive transport and holidays. Take a look at the new-generation of Japanese luxury trains.

They might appear sleek and futuristic on the outside, but inside, everything is designed to remind the customer of quality, tradition and luxury.

Luxury Oak Flooring The Floor Is The Limit

Image source: Foster + Partners

Luxury Oak Flooring The Floor Is The Limit

Image source: Shuttleworth Design
Luxury Oak Flooring The Floor Is The Limit
Image source: Charter World


Marque car brands also continue to use oak, with Tudor veneers or black oak to highlight the opulence of their interiors. As cars continue their inevitable march to smart-enabled, self-driving automatons, customers will expect to travel in comfort as they have more time to enjoy the ride.

When it comes to the skies, safety and weight concerns might keep oak flooring from commercial jetliners, yet it still features in luxury cabins and in the exclusive world of private jets. Take a look at the first class cabins in this airline’s recent commercial – to see just how far luxury and comfort has come.



Not only is oak used to highlight the quality and luxury of journeys around the world, but most luxury destinations also insist on the wood for flooring, panelling and furniture. With the Scandinavian look very much in vogue, many hotels are applying strong use of wood to create a natural environment and make an impact on guests.

Luxury Oak Flooring The Floor Is The Limit
Image source: Skyachtone


For any business or individual paying attention to the details, and ensuring people feel impressed, valued, loved and comfortable, oak is one of the signature signs of class wherever you are in the world, from your own lounge to the far-flung corners of the world.

If you are considering installing Oak Flooring in your home to give it that extra luxury feel, take a look at our Oak Flooring section