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New Year, New Oak Floor

Posted: 20th January 2020

January and February are the perfect time to upgrade your living space with the natural beauty of an oak floor. It’s a time of year that most of us survive through, looking forward to the sunnier months to come. So why not utilise the time to improve the look and feel of your home while […]

Which flooring type is best for underfloor heating?

Posted: 1st February 2018

Firstly, the facts, the laws of thermodynamics say that the denser material is the quicker it will transfer heat. The thinner that material is the quicker that heat will then be transferred into the air from it. This means that a dense thin material will transmit heat into a room much more quickly than a […]

Oak Flooring Over Underfloor Heating: Dispelling the Myths

Posted: 6th July 2016

Oak flooring over underfloor heating, has over the years received a bad press. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge which is passed onto the homeowner, often from the supplier and in other cases from the installer to the end user on how to actually look after their oak flooring over […]

How Oak Flooring Can Help Take You From A Student House To A Home

Posted: 15th June 2016

Many young adults are finding themselves trapped into the decorative trappings of student life. For those who have recently graduated this is perfectly acceptable, money is most likely still tight and the furnishings and decorations which filled their student accommodation are probably their only possessions. However, for those who graduated years ago, have meaningful and […]

Acclimatising Flooring Over Your Underfloor Heating Is Essential

Posted: 7th June 2016

If our years of experience working with oak flooring have taught us anything, it is that acclimatising your flooring for use with underfloor heating should not be overlooked. Failure to correctly undertake this process can actually result in your new oak flooring becoming compromised or failing completely. In order to prevent this occurring we have […]

Expert Advice on Oak Flooring and Underfloor Heating (UFH) Compatibility

Posted: 12th April 2016

As years go by, underfloor heating (UFH) is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. This trend can largely be attributed to the fact that UFH has become substantially more cost-effective purchase, placing it within the financial reach of a greater number of people. Often, the most important consideration for the installation and use […]

Our Unique & Exclusive ThruFlow Oak Flooring

Posted: 16th December 2015

We are proud to unveil our unique and exclusive ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring, specifically designed for use with Underfloor Heating (UFH) with an aim of saving you money on your heating bills. This incredibly simple but effective product was designed and developed in-house by our R&D team with the main goal of maximising the efficiency […]

Benefits of Buying Oak Flooring in the Sale

Posted: 3rd July 2015

Everyone loves a good sale, especially if it is on an expensive and considered purchase like oak flooring. At Oak Floors Online, we do not run year ‘round sales that are a false economy and we never offer our products at a price that is claimed to be reduced but is actually the same price […]

Affordable Warmth with Underfloor Heating

Posted: 2nd March 2015

Underfloor heating may have been seen as a luxury in years gone by but this is no longer the case. By doing your research and preparing effectively, it is possible to have the luxurious feel of underfloor heating without an unmanageable bill at the end. Making the decision to have oak flooring installed in your […]

Introducing Our New Self-Regulating UFH System

Posted: 19th November 2014

Now you can enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of oak flooring with underfloor heating, free from the worry of your floor cracking or your heating bills soaring. Introducing our intelligent, super efficient, easy to install, self-regulating underfloor heating system, designed specifically for use with Oak Floors Online engineered oak flooring. The intelligent technology in […]

Breathe Life Into Your Hallway With Oak Flooring

Posted: 13th November 2014

As the temperature is becoming cooler by the day, many people are spending more time in their homes than over the summer months. With Christmas not too far away, you may well be thinking about making some home improvements to make your home the very best it can be to share the festive time with […]

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