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How Oak Flooring Can Help Take You From A Student House To A Home

Posted: 15th June 2016

Many young adults are finding themselves trapped into the decorative trappings of student life. For those who have recently graduated this is perfectly acceptable, money is most likely still tight and the furnishings and decorations which filled their student accommodation are probably their only possessions. However, for those who graduated years ago, have meaningful and […]

Solid Oak Flooring Versus Engineered Oak Flooring?

Posted: 24th February 2016

Of all the debates we experience within the flooring industry and from our customers, the “solid oak flooring versus engineered oak flooring” debate is perhaps the single most common. What makes answering this question more difficult is the fact that the products have subtle but different qualities, making each of them more suited to specific […]

Benefits of Buying Oak Flooring in the Sale

Posted: 3rd July 2015

Everyone loves a good sale, especially if it is on an expensive and considered purchase like oak flooring. At Oak Floors Online, we do not run year ‘round sales that are a false economy and we never offer our products at a price that is claimed to be reduced but is actually the same price […]

How To Choose The Right Oak Flooring For Your Home

Posted: 24th June 2015

Oak flooring is a beautiful addition to any home and is increasingly becoming one of the top sought-after features for new purchasers. However, to choose the right oak flooring can be quite a task in itself. With oak flooring, you have the flexibility of being able to change your other furnishings as often as you […]

The Best Finishes For Your Nursery Floor

Posted: 9th June 2015

Oak flooring is an increasingly popular choice for nurseries and has many benefits for the whole family, from the health benefits associated with oak floors, to making cleaning easier. There is so much excitement and activity when you are welcoming a new baby that it is easy to become overwhelmed by the huge task of […]

Environmental Benefits of Using Solid Oak Flooring

Posted: 11th March 2015

More and more, people are researching the products that they buy for their home to see the impact that they have on the environment and to make sure that they are buying responsibly to protect the world that we live in as much as possible. When we talk about “environmental benefits”, we are no longer […]

Brushed & Natural Oiled Oak Flooring: Popular Doesn’t Mean The Same!

Posted: 2nd December 2014

For many people, when you are choosing an aspect of your home to change or for new homes, install, you want to have something unique to you and your style. So why would you want to choose the most popular finish available for your oak flooring? For Oak Floors Online, popular doesn’t mean you will […]

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