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Oak Flooring Finish – What Would You Prefer?

Posted: 16th February 2020

“Which oak flooring finish is for us?” Most of our cutomers ask themseleves this question and a great number also ask us, so lets have a look. Well the answer is simple – the best finish is the one that works best for you and your home. We can’t tell you what finish you should […]

Should You Have The Same Oak Flooring Finish Throughout Your Home?

Posted: 27th October 2015

When you are considering investing in oak flooring for your home, there are so many options available for the type of oak flooring, what finish you are going to choose and whether you want to invest in underfloor heating for that added bit of luxury. The decision can be even more difficult to make when […]

Beautiful Oak Flooring Finishes For Smaller Spaces

Posted: 18th June 2015

One thing that is always at a premium in homes is space – whether you are buying your first home or are already on the property ladder, for many people making the most of the space that you have in your home is close to the top of the list. When you are maximising the […]

The Best Finishes For Your Nursery Floor

Posted: 9th June 2015

Oak flooring is an increasingly popular choice for nurseries and has many benefits for the whole family, from the health benefits associated with oak floors, to making cleaning easier. There is so much excitement and activity when you are welcoming a new baby that it is easy to become overwhelmed by the huge task of […]

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