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New Year, New Oak Floor

Posted: 20th January 2020

January and February are the perfect time to upgrade your living space with the natural beauty of an oak floor. It’s a time of year that most of us survive through, looking forward to the sunnier months to come. So why not utilise the time to improve the look and feel of your home while […]

Which flooring type is best for underfloor heating?

Posted: 1st February 2018

Firstly, the facts, the laws of thermodynamics say that the denser material is the quicker it will transfer heat. The thinner that material is the quicker that heat will then be transferred into the air from it. This means that a dense thin material will transmit heat into a room much more quickly than a […]

Nine Ways To Make Your Oak Floor Shine

Posted: 19th May 2015

You carefully researched your oak flooring purchase; you selected the right type for you from solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring and you chose the style and finish that best complemented your own taste. You might have chosen a Celtic Character Rustic for your home, or perhaps an unfinished finish was your choice, so […]

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