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If Wood Flooring Was An Aphrodisiac!

Posted: 10th February 2017

Just imagine, for one moment, if wood flooring was an aphrodisiac – if the pulling power was in the atmosphere and feel of your home. As an aphrodisiac, it would sit alongside chocolate – that much-loved melt-in-the-mouth delicacy that contains a chemical known as ‘phenylethylamine‘ (found in cocoa), which acts as a stimulant for subtle […]

Why Oak Flooring is Perfect for the Agency Environment

Posted: 13th September 2016

When selecting the flooring for use in your new agency office environment it is imperative that you select something that matches the image of your brand. No doubt you see the flooring used within your office environment as an extension of your brand. Additionally, you want people to perceive your brand as modern, slick and […]

The Principles of Interior Design

Posted: 6th September 2016

When it comes to interior design, there are no rules to speak of, however there are a number of guiding principles. These principles will help you to achieve the stunning interior that you desire within your home. Make sure to plan for real life: The first stage of any interior design project should be planning […]

Are Interior Design And Home Décor The Same Thing?

Posted: 14th January 2015

For many people, interior design and home décor equate to the same thing in the mind and the two terms are interchangeable. In fact, interior design and home décor are not the same thing and should not be confused with each other as each have their own distinctive features as well as aspects that are […]

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