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Don’t Ignore That Resolution! Resolve Your Flooring Issue

With the festive period done with for another year, suddenly the house looks bare, there’s nothing to distract the eye from the shoddy paintwork, the chip in the counter, that coffee stain on the carpet. The new year is the perfect time to renovate and revitalise your home. The majority of new year’s resolutions relate to improving one’s quality of life and yet many people are unaware of the impact that their environment – the light, space, and aesthetics of a room – can have on their mood.

Most modern builds are mindful of these factors and how they affect wellbeing. This is why so many new homes are designed to be open plan. Open plan living has really grown in popularity in modern times, partly thanks to the availability of central heating as well as understanding the psychological benefits of natural light, as well as generally being more flexible.

Whether your home is already open plan or you are considering knocking down a few internal walls to open up the space, careful consideration should be given to what flooring is best suited to large open spaces. This is especially true if you’re space is going to flow from the kitchen, right through to the dining and living space.

Of course hygiene, durability, and aesthetics will all come into your decision. While flow is important, homogeneity can be very boring. Laying a wooden floor offers a possible solution to this because, unlike laminate, its natural grains and shades, even once treated, add a nuance to each panel.

What’s more, wooden flooring can act as a blank canvas for which to define distinct spaces. For example, a rug at the foot of a sofa clearly signals a living space where shoes are off and one can relax.

While more expensive than laminate, to some extent wooden flooring can be seen as an investment as it has become a highly sought feature by home buyers, it may well increase your house price. This is certainly true if yours is a period property as good quality wooden floors are widely expected in these homes.

When taking on any renovation project, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Most people’s budgets are finite and it can be hard to know which aspects of your home to spend money on. That being said, once the walls have had a fresh lick of paint, updating your flooring often has the biggest visual impact – wooden floors can really add that wow factor!