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Providing You With Constant Quality – Oak Floors Online

At Oak Floors Online we present our clients with only the highest quality of oak flooring. Therefore, our competitive prices reflect that consistent quality. Often when companies offer constant sale prices it can mean that the quality is reduced. They may offer a higher millimetre board thickness at a cheaper price but the oakwear layer could be of thin and poor quality.

We want to enable our clients to choose the highest quality oak flooring at the best prices. At Oak Floors Online we guarantee excellence; we are passionate about our product and have over 35 years of expertise. Every board and finish is carefully crafted with you in mind. Our customer service is of high priority to us and we take no half measures; we invest in our products and services.

It is important to us that we are available for our customers to ask questions and that we share the information that will help you in selecting and fitting your oak flooring and also maintaining it. You can connect with us on Twitter for daily updates on what is happening in the industry, handy hints and tips and maybe even join us for a chat on a Twitter hour! We have home inspiration on our Pinterest account and helpful product videos available on our YouTube account. Of course, you can also connect with us on Facebook; we are always happy to answer any questions or share photos of your newly installed oak flooring.

We believe that knowledge is the key so we pride ourselves in always delivering all the information to our clients. Some companies may hide certain information, such as the board thickness,underneath their sale price and ultimately disappoint the client. There are many issues that can arise with lack of product knowledge. Some of these are: incorrect sizing, wrong style and colour and also additional extras that you need in order to install your flooringthat are added on top of the price. We provide our product specifications so that our customers can gain their perfect high quality oak flooring. Our products and services represent our company and have always been of high quality: we would never jeopardise our trusted name for a sales target.

Sales may look enticing, especially in the case of constant sales, but ultimately there can be many loopholes and quality reduction involved. You may end up paying over and above to repair any problems and then will have completely lost that sales “discount”. Oak Floors Online is a name you can invest in for reliability and honesty. Our oak flooring is an exquisite range of high calibre oak. Our oak will always bring luxury and sophistication to suit your individual style.

We are passionate about our product and would never offer our clients low quality in order to create a speedy profit. Our website is rich with guides, tips and detailed descriptions to ensure our customers are thoroughly informed. If you ever have any questions about any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. All of our samples are free of charge because we want our customer to be able to find their perfect oak flooring. Let us enable you to transform your home into a stylish arcadia of beautifully crafted oak flooring.