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The Principles of Interior Design

Principles Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, there are no rules to speak of, however there are a number of guiding principles. These principles will help you to achieve the stunning interior that you desire within your home.

Make sure to plan for real life:

The first stage of any interior design project should be planning the space. This includes the blocking out of interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns and the development of furniture layout and equipment placement plans. The ultimate goal of space planning is the creation of efficiency.

 Create a vision:

After you have gained a clear understanding of how your interior space will function, then it time to develop a creative vision for the interior. This is not simply choosing a paint colour or selecting a sofa, instead it is the overarching theme which underpins the interior in its entirety.

 Consider materials and construction carefully:

When it comes to the materials used and the construction process utilised, quality should be the number one consideration. This is because the use of good quality materials, provides a sound and feeling that’s different from poor quality materials. In the hierarchy of materials, natural materials rank number one. Therefore, it is worth considering fabrics such as wool, silk and linen. When it comes to the flooring, the same rules apply, if you select wooden flooring, make sure that it uses genuine wood.

A word of caution when it comes to the selection of materials, spending a lot of money does not ensure that you are purchasing something of high quality.

 Make use of juxtaposition:

When using materials, shapes, patterns and textures in your interior, then the differences between them can be used to good effect. These differences can be used to enhance the properties of each of these items. A example, if you choose a strong geometric theme, the placement of squares throughout the house will undermine the effect. Whereas the placement of a circle in the interior will make the appreciation of the squares much greater as the difference is emphasised.

 Make sure to layer the details:

It is the supporting details that complete an interior. It is imperative to be detail orientated when it comes to your interior, as this approach will create the best overall vision for your interior. This includes the scale of a lampshade and the stile width on a cabinet door. Failure to check if these components meet your goals can result in the interior being compromised.

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