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Pets At Home On An Engineered Oak Floor

hugo dog

Pets are a huge a part of our life in Great Britain, we spend millions each year on keeping them fit, healthy and entertained. They are a part of our families and we understand that make a little bit of mess here and there. Whether it be shed hair, muddy footprints or the odd unfortunate accident we understand that they come with a bit of cleaning up after them!

So floor coverings are important, cleaning a spill, hair or a muddy footprint from a wooden floor is much easier than off a carpet. A dustpan and brush can easily clean away pet hair and dirt from a wooden floor while carpets need vacuuming and sometimes a carpet washer.

With any flooring type it’s important to clean any liquids up quickly and although wooden flooring resists liquid better than soft coverings if pet urine is left it may stain wood.


Pets claws, particularly dogs claws can scratch wooden floors so it is worth choosing your floor carefully. This is where oak comes into its own, as a hardwood it doesn’t scratch as a deeply softwood options. Also it is worth choosing a oak floor with a thick top layer because if you ever do feel the need to sand the floor you will have more material to work with.

Oil Or Lacquer

Finally, oiled versus lacquered, lacquering provides an extra layer on top of the wood but shows scratches more readily while oiling may look much more natural with the odd bump or scratch. Oiled may also look more characterful over time. Whichever you choose an oak floor is a great option for your home if you have pets. Easy to clean, warm, inviting and natural, add some underfloor heating and your pet will thank you for it!

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