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The Oldest Oak Tree in Europe

Through adverse weather conditions, global warming and even war; the Bowthorpe Oak tree has managed to survive.  It is estimated to be 1,000 years old and therefore has housed countless generations of animals and been a play area for many children. It is difficult to tell the age of the tree due to it’s hollow middle (preventing researchers from counting the rings).

Bowthorpe Oak TreeThe oak tree is situated in Manthorpe, Lincolnshire at the Bowthorpe Park Farm and has surprisingly housed many parties. It’s hollow middle can house 39 people stood and 13 people seated so it is ideal as an “alternative” party venue. At one point it was even fitted with a roof and door and served as a tearoom for the local community. It is believed that the interior was once furnished with oak flooring. At the size of a small cottage the tree has been compared to something out of “Middle Earth” and other such fantasy stories. It’s unusual shape and ent-like prowess makes it a tree of legend and is sure to be at the core of many a local tale.

The tree has become so popular that the BBC did a short documentary on the oak in 1998. In 2014 French television documentary researchers began to take an interest as well. It has also taken its rightful place in the book of Guinness World Records. On top of its television popularity, this legendary oak has been a royal favourite. In 2002 it was given the honour of being one of fifty trees to mark the fifty years of the golden jubilee. Going even further back than that, Charles the Second was a lover of the Bowthorne Oak as he had a love of oak trees.

The circumference of the tree is around a staggering forty-two feet and holds a beautiful crown of greenery. Unfortunately the boughs have become so heavy that the tree has had to be reinforced with chains to prevent it from splitting. Due to its age it is now as risk from severe weather conditions including strong winds and lightning strikes (although it has already survived several of the latter).

The farm in which it stands houses a 400-year-old stone farmhouse; the family of the farm welcome visitors to see the oak for just a small donation. The Bowthorpe oak tree is precious to the community and has served many generations with happiness. Have you visited the Bowthorne Oak? Are you on twitter? We would love to see the photographs from your day out Bowthorpe Park Farm.

As you can see, oak is sturdy, versatile and stunning, and will last a lifetime. Our oak flooring can hold many of your own tea parties and can stay for generations in your family home. Create your own legendary memories for generations to remember.