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Oak flooring offcuts – what you can do with them

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Are you left with a few oak flooring offcuts or even some whole planks after fitting your new floor? Rather than have that sinking feeling that you’ve wasted some money don’t despair. There’s a lot you can do with those extra pieces of engineered oak.

Keep some flooring for repairs or additions

It’s always a good idea to keep back a few offcuts of your new oak flooring just in case something goes wrong in the future. Maybe something will damage your floor and result in your having to patch it. In this situation having a matching piece of wood that has aged at the same rate as your floor is a real boon. The other situation when having a little spare can be a real benefit is when you decide to remodel something in your house. E.g. If you change your fireplace and expose a little extra floor surface area. Having some matching oak flooring to fill the gap in such a situation will make you feel really pleased with yourself for having such foresight!

Make an occasional Table

Depending on how much you have left over, and your carpentry skills you could use your wastage to make a coffee table. The interlocking planks of engineered oak flooring make a great surface for a coffee table. Upcycling is very popular these days, so you may not even need to make the table frame and structure yourself. Use your oak flooring offcuts to create a new top for an old table mirroring the look of your beautiful new oak floor in your room.

use oak flooring offcuts to make a table top oak plank table top

Over ordered? Walls and Ceilings

If you’ve over ordered your flooring or intentionally over ordered, you may want to think about a Scandinavian look applying engineered oak to your wall or ceiling. It creates a warm rustic feel and aids insulation. Or, apply to a wall or ceiling and then get your paint brush out. Painting a plank wall or ceiling white gives it that timeless New England look. A great backdrop for a home with a seaside theme. Or why not add a splash of colour to a small area of boarded wall to create a feature area within your room.

oak flooring as a Scandinavian wood ceiling Oak flooring offcuts for New England wall styling Oak flooring offcuts painted red

Endless craft applications for oak flooring offcuts

Finally, there are endless opportunities to use oak flooring off cuts within your crafting ideas. Maybe you could make a small crate to use for display. Or perhaps create a board plank sign and age it so that it has that rustic look. A small piece of oak could be used to create a picture frame or a plinth for display purposes. A nice piece of oak flooring offcut can be used to make a functional and attractive coffee cup coaster. The way in which these small seemingly unwanted pieces of wood can be put to good use are only limited by your imagination. So get your thinking cap on and have fun with them!

So that you can order the right amount of flooring. Whether that be just enough to fit your floor space, or a little extra, you can use our pack calculator when making you oak flooring purchase.

Oak flooring offcut to create a rustic sign

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