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How Oak Flooring Can Help Take You From A Student House To A Home

Oak Flooring Can Help Take You Take From Student House to Home

Many young adults are finding themselves trapped into the decorative trappings of student life. For those who have recently graduated this is perfectly acceptable, money is most likely still tight and the furnishings and decorations which filled their student accommodation are probably their only possessions. However, for those who graduated years ago, have meaningful and gainful employment- yet are still stuck with student decorations the question is how to escape this.

You need not worry however – escaping student interiors and the aesthetic of student houses can be achieved easier than you first suspected. Additionally, the process need not require a complete furnishing overhaul. One simple addition can dramatically transform your interior, granting it the dignity and maturity to match your post university lifestyle. This simple addition is of course oak flooring.

However, selecting the optimum oak flooring for your interior can sometimes prove troublesome with all of the different types, finishes and grades about. To simplify your selection, we have compiled this guide.

What Types Of Oak Floor Are There?

The oak flooring planks available fit into two key categories, these are solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring. To help you develop an understanding of the specific nuances of these flooring types we will explore each separately.

Solid Oak Flooring

As the name suggests, oak flooring boards of this category are constructed using 100% natural solid oak. All of our solid oak flooring boards are skilfully cut and gauged from a single oak log. Subsequently, these boards are then dried before being precision machined into the required section. This process makes solid oak flooring the easiest and fastest form of oak flooring to install. Once installed, solid oak boards can be sanded and refinished numerous times, providing exceptional levels of longevity and enabling the flooring to maintain both its appearance and quality throughout this time. A word of warning, solid oak flooring is more sensitive to environmental changes than engineered oak flooring. Therefore, it will expand and contract- this makes this flooring type unsuitable for use in some applications.

Engineered Oak Flooring

The construction process for engineered oak flooring planks requires two types of materials. These are the top visible, “wear layer” which is produced using 100% solid oak. This is then pressure bonded to a backing, which is constructed of plywood. Engineered oak flooring is gaining high levels of popularity, due to the fact that it retains the desired quality in appearance that can be viewed in solid oak flooring. In fact, once lain engineered oak flooring is identical in appearance to solid oak flooring. A lot of misconceptions arise around engineered oak flooring. Chief amongst these is the notion that scratches and dents cannot be removed from this flooring type. This is simply nonsense! Provided the wear layer is greater than 3mm thick, these defects can be effectively removed from the flooring planks.

A further reason for the increased popularity of engineered oak flooring is that it is not as restrictive to solid oak in terms of the applications in which it can be utilised. This can be attributed to the fact that there is a far lower risk of dimensional movement when the flooring is deployed in interiors with varying levels of humidity. This makes engineered oak flooring an incredibly popular choice for use in cellar, kitchen and bathroom interiors. Also, engineered oak flooring is perfectly suited for use with Underfloor Heating. When using engineered oak flooring with underfloor heating, please note that the thickness of the flooring board selected will directly affect how much heat can then be transmitted through the system into the interior.

Make Sure You Get The Right Appearance For Your Interior – Width Vs Thickness:

Once you have selected the type of oak flooring board that is best suited to your interior and budget, it is time to start thinking about dimensions. This is because the width of the flooring boards can be an integral feature when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your interior. If your interior is a small space then it is best to select thinner boards, whilst thicker boards are more suited to larger interior.

Here are five top tips to aid your selection:

  1. If you have selected wide oak flooring planks for your interior then it is advisable to also select engineered oak boards, in order to avoid the occurrence of cupping.
  2. Cupping often occurs in larger widths of solid oak flooring planks, when the timber begins to curl at the edges. Over time this results in the plank becoming slightly concave.
  3. Planks which are more susceptible to cupping are those manufactured from solid oak with a width greater than 150mm.
  4. Additional stability can be provided to wide engineered oak flooring by ensuring that the cross-ply backing is manufactured using a sturdy material. It is important to gain this information prior to purchase. We use only quality plywood or 100% Birch backed boards, as these materials offer superior levels of stability and strength when compared with engineered flooring boards which use a softwood or MDF backing.
  5. It is important to gain knowledge about the depth of wear layer prior to purchasing your engineered oak flooring. This is because the depth of wear layer determines both the durability and the longevity of your flooring boards. We are proud to offer our customers engineered flooring planks which have a wear layer of 6mm- this flooring actually offers almost as much durability and longevity as an 18mm thick solid oak board.

We are pleased to announce that our extensive product range of both solid and engineered oak flooring planks come in a wide range of finishes. These finishes enable you to select to optimum flooring solution to match both the character and aesthetics of your interior.

For further information about any of the flooring planks contained within our product range, or to enquire further about differences in flooring plank types, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling 0800 043 3073. Email enquiries can be sent to us at

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