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If Wood Flooring Was An Aphrodisiac!

Just imagine, for one moment, if wood flooring was an aphrodisiac – if the pulling power was in the atmosphere and feel of your home.

As an aphrodisiac, it would sit alongside chocolate – that much-loved melt-in-the-mouth delicacy that contains a chemical known as ‘phenylethylamine‘ (found in cocoa), which acts as a stimulant for subtle feelings of general excitement, well-being and happiness.

Hell, it’d even be considered in the same sentence as oysters which contain plenty of zinc – a mineral that helps to boost the production of testosterone and, in turn, ramps up your sex drive.

There’s a lot to be said for brand-new oak flooring and what it can do for your mood, as well as your home’s atmosphere. Deep, dark shades (such as Hand Scraped Vintage Engineered Oak Flooring) in rustic, natural finishes can add an earthy feel to your home.

It has a primal feel to it – and paired with luxury furniture and deep, rich paint hues, it can feel elegant and enticing. Thanks to its deep mahogany colouring, it’ll create a wonderfully cosy space to curl up in with your loved one.

Flooring Wood Aphrodisiac

Paired with wooden units and work surfaces, oak flooring can also make a space feel as sexy and attractive as a new dress or suit can work on you. All it needs adding to it are some red rose petals, and it’ll have all the charm and character needed.

Double Brushed & Dark Oiled Oak Flooring offers a luxury finish that will impress any visitor. With deep cocoa and mocha tones, the double brushed finish helps to bring a rich emphasis to the wood’s natural features for a floor that looks as good as a box of Valentine’s chocolates!

Wooden floor doesn’t have to be dark and it can also be painted into softer hues to create a room that feels like paradise. Unfinished Oak Flooring is ideal as it can be tailored exactly to your needs and can be finished on site, giving you the extra freedom to see what works best with your finished design and the chance to see how it feels once it’s fitted in your space.

It can take on a wide variety of looks, helping to make your room atmospheric and homely. With candles and flowers around, it’s a space that will play a key role in making your Valentine’s day one to remember.

If Wood Flooring Was An Aphrodisiac

Just imagine if your flooring was the perfect aphrodisiac! Every footstep taken, every trip to the kitchen or bedroom, would have you giddy with pleasure. Forget needing to buy chocolates or leaving love notes on fridge doors – just the floor alone would do the talking on a romantic night in.

If your home doesn’t already feel like this, it’s time to give it a refresh that will help it become a space you can relax and unwind in. It’ll make you feel proud and add a layer of welcoming and comforting quality. It’s the perfect backdrop for wining and dining your loved one; or for surprising them with something a little unexpected and new.

Hard-wearing or rustic, lacquered or double-brushed, there’s something for everyone. Plus, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from us, our wood floors have a higher success rate than any aphrodisiac we know!