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What Do I Need To Consider When Choosing Oak Flooring?

Making the choice to invest in oak flooring is a considered decision that will most likely be a significant financial investment and will make your home or property a more welcoming and comfortable place to be.

Buying oak flooring has lots of different options and various choices available in addition to the most obvious aspect of the way that the oak flooring looks. You might not have been aware before starting your flooring search that you are able to select between engineered oak flooring and solid oak flooring and you will want to consider which of these is right for you. We have a useful guide available which outlines the key differences and benefits of both types of flooring and also the optimum conditions for each.

A particularly special option available when buying your oak flooring from Oak Floors Online is the option to have underfloor heating under our engineered oak flooring selection. If underfloor heating is something that you are considering purchasing with your flooring, we have developed a revolutionary new product that is exclusive to Oak Floors Online; ThruFlow is a new approach to the luxury of underfloor heating, you can read more about it here.

Of course, price is going to be a key consideration when deciding which flooring to choose and we would suggest that you make a mini “must have” list and a similar “nice to have” list before you begin looking at all of the different options available – is underfloor heating a must-have for you? Perhaps it is for a new baby nursery or you are doing home improvements for your first home and you need to budget for this extra cost to begin with. If underfloor heating is not a necessity, it can go on the nice to have list and if you find engineered oak flooring with under floor heating installation within your budget, great!

You will also want to consider maintenance of your oak floor after it has been installed, do you want an oak floor that requires little maintenance due to a busy lifestyle or are you happy to have some maintenance to do in exchange for your perfect floor? We have further information available on maintaining your oak floor here.

After deciding between solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring, your budget and if you are looking for extras such as underfloor heating, you will of course consider more aesthetic aspects such as the finish for your oak flooring.

There are numerous finishes available for your oak flooring, you will find that you have more selection available within the engineered oak flooring options if you are looking for a specific finish such as our unique Celtic Character Rustic engineered oak flooring.

Finishes such as double brushed and natural oiled oak flooring in both engineered and solid oak flooring are popular choices and with good reason. If you are unsure of exactly what finish you are looking for, finding out the most popular choices and why can help. Our double brushed and natural oiled oak flooring has been one of our most popular options for a long time and our customers tell us that it is easy to match up with their existing décor and blends well into any room, meaning that no additional costs for changing soft furnishings is incurred.

You might want the added flexibility of being able to finish the floor to your taste on site after installation; an option that is perfectly suited is our “unfinished” range – these floor boards are ready for installation and can be finished to your taste with wax oil, lacquer or given a “distressed” look to fit with your home’s style.

Whatever oak flooring you choose, if you consider all of your options before making a purchase, you will be happy that you have got exactly the right flooring for you, for more than just the way that it looks.