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Modern Rustic Design Trends

Modern Rustic has become a stylish new way to design your home, offering an array of earthy tones and a vintage presence. Raw woods combined with upcycled furniture can transform your home from a city centre dwelling into a cosy cabin. The words, upcycled, rustic, recycled and vintage have taken their place in the world of modern interior design and are bigger than ever.

Modern Rustic Design TrendsEmotionally raw portraits have taken a home amongst the latest styles on Pinterest and other outlets. To some they can help to express the beauty of raw style and show that by stripping back to original roots you can see a new kind of beauty. At Oak Floors Online within our oak flooring product range we have a variety of finishes to create your very own raw beauty. Whether you want a high-end smooth finish that speaks elegance or a truly rustic finesse we can help you invoke this design trend. Our 15(4)x189 Hand Scraped Vintage oak is stunning for creating your own antique twist.

Wood slices are currently a stunning way to reinvent your home. They have been used to construct a variety of pieces from a stunningly asymmetric table to a set of eccentric stools. If you’re looking for an inventive piece of wall art you could create your very own wood slice art piece. Vintage wooden headboards are also vogue for any modern home.

Unusual stone and brick designs are appearing in homes and establishments creating an aura of indoor earth. Rustic brickwork is a contemporary feature appearing in many pubs and abodes to create a homely atmosphere. Slate work has taken off as a crisp compliment to a room, particularly in a bathroom or kitchen. Our 15(4)x189 Celtic Character Rustic flooring goes beautifully with rustic stone due to the finish enhancing the natural features of the oak and adding to the pastoral atmosphere.

Driftwood furniture is another rustic design trend that has taken off with many applications for the style. Not only does it create a beautiful piece of furniture but it is also a new way to upcycle natural resources. If you live in an area close to a beach you could comb the rocks for driftwood and create your own driftwood furniture. From chairs to mirror frames; the world is your oyster.

Modern Rustic Design TrendsFor a truly rustic feel many homeowners expose their ceiling joists. This is exceptionally exquisite in a cottage or a barn conversion. The true roots of the building are unearthed and allowed to breath originality into the home. For an elegant finishing touch we recommend our 22(6)x189 ThruFlow Brushed & Natural Oiled flooring.

Gentle pastels and earthy tones have been combined to encompass the very nature of modern rustic design trends. Our 18×150 Lacquered Solid Oak flooring has an alluring colour palate of gentle coppers and strawberry blonds. Incorporate this with pale driftwood and pastel furniture and you have yourself a rustic rich arcadia.

This new trend enables your creativity to be endless, the more creative you can be the more unique your home can look. Our flooring works in the same way; we have an array of different styles, sizes and finishes meaning we can add the finishing touch to your creative vision. For a truly original style order your sample today and start planning your dream home. Visit our Pinterest page to see a beautiful range of our flooring and for inspirational ideas for your home. If you’re unsure which flooring is right for you then visit our flooring guides for advice. Our guides contain information on all of our finishes and grades because at Oak Floors Online we want to give the customer the tools to grow.