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Maintaining Original Character with Home Improvement

For many people who own properties that have original character, such as farm houses or country cottages, the main priority when making any changes to the property is to ensure that all original character and in many cases, features, are retained and maintained effectively without compromising the overall character of the property.

If you are researching into how to make some home improvements, for example installing oak flooring in your home or property, it is important that you are confident before any changes are made that you will be happy with the outcome. It is for this reason that we have provided comprehensive guides available on our website to help you make the best choice for your home.

We have guides available including choosing the right oak flooring for you, the differences and benefits of solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring and the oak flooring finishes available. Reading through our guides should give you a much more clear idea of which type of flooring will best fit with your home, for example solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring react slightly differently in different conditions of heat and moisture etc and from reading our guides, you will be able to decide which oak flooring type will be best suited to the existing conditions within your home.

Perhaps the most important aspect of oak flooring when maintaining the original character of a property is which finish you select. The finish of your flooring will set the tone and style of your room, so it is important that if you property is a more cosy, turn of the century cottage with thatched roof and low ceilings, your choice of oak floor finish complements the character that the property already has.

Whilst a finish such as our Unfinished AB Select Grade is beautiful, it is more suited to modern, cosmopolitan properties such as barn conversion apartments or city apartments and homes with a more modern styling than smaller, older properties. A finish such as one of our hand scraped engineered oak flooring selections would be much better suited to a property that has a strong character like a cottage or large country house.

We have three hand scraped finishes available, hand scraped antique lacquered, hand scraped antique oiled and hand scraped antique vintage; all have their own unique appearance and look stunning in a wide variety of rooms and property types.

Hand scraped vintage engineered oak flooring is scraped by hand, which produces a beautifully textured and uneven surface to the flooring, replicating how oak flooring used to be produced and finished in days gone by. If your property has character and heritage, a hand scraped oak floor is a great choice.

The grain of the hand scraped vintage oak appears slightly darker than other finishes, which enhances the character of the flooring when installed, and emphasises the unique features that natural oak has. Finished with a dark coloured stain and then lacquered for a durable finish, hand scraped vintage flooring has a very consistent colour, with dark tones that are warm and welcoming, perfectly suited to an older property.

For a refurbishment or home improvements in a modern property, our selection of slightly lighter finishes are the perfect complement to large, light and airy spaces and are also great for giving the appearance of more space in smaller rooms. For example, our Celtic Character Rustic engineered oak flooring is a stunning addition to any home and gives you the flexibility of making the natural features of the oak more defined, allowing a truly modern and cosmopolitan feel to your home.

Whether you are looking for solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring, doing your research and asking any questions before making your final decision will help you to be confident that your choice will maintain the original character of your home or property. We recommend taking advantage of our free sample service that is available, allowing you to see a sample of the actual flooring and get an idea of how it will look in your home before ordering your final choice.