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Interior Design Ideas – Keep Your Home Bright This Winter

Home Bright Winter Interior Design Ideas

The winter months can be bleak for some but there’s no reason your home should suffer as a result. We are keen to make sure your home feels warm and fun even through the greyer months of the year, and with our design ideas, your home will have that summer feeling all year round!

WallpaperBright Home Winter Interior Design

Bright and colourful wallpaper is always a great place to start.  Bold floral wallpaper is all the rage right now, and can really help bring your home to life. Balancing the print with areas of bright, plain surfacing can put your home at an even keel. If flowers aren’t your thing, try oriental or geometric wallpaper design that have a flourish of colour in them. For bathrooms, marble-textured wallpaper is very ‘it’ right now and can bring a whole new outlook to your home.

When it comes to furniture, vintage is the modern look, believe it or not. A modern twist on a classic design can stand out in any room. Contrasting your furniture pieces from your wall design and flooring in both colour and texture can lift your room, and give it a distinctive look that is fun and happening. Think about your textiles too – bright, mismatching cushions on a white couch can be both bold and soothing at the same time.

Interior Design Home Bright Winter


Flooring, of course, plays a major part in your interior design. People absolutely adore real wood flooring right now and a stunning engineered floor can add texture, warmth and character to any room. Natural and light lacquered oak flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners, or if you prefer a more rustic finish, we recommend a brushed & oiled finish that defines the grains in the wood.

Finish off your home with some modern art decorations that complement the room design. Trends show people moving away from ‘quotation’ artwork and looking for bright, simplistic pieces.

So don’t let the winter drain the fun from your home.

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