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How Do I Match My Furniture To My Wood Floor

So you have selected the optimum wood flooring solution for your interior, you have fitted the flooring and now you can enjoy the stunning aesthetics and style which it gives to your interior. Usually, this is when people begin to come into a little bit of a problem. This can be attributed to the fact that most people decorate their interiors from the ground up. Therefore, once the wood flooring has been fitted most people already know what colour or style the surrounding walls will have. However, all too often the furniture for the newly designed interior is overlooked.

It is when considering furniture that will complement and match the new wooden flooring solution that people begin to struggle. What is the best way to approach matching wood furniture for your interior with your new wood flooring solution? There is the option of sourcing wood and having your own bespoke shelving units and tables created for your interior. However, even this will not guarantee a fully co-ordinated interior.

In order to help you select the optimum furniture to complement and match your new wooden floor, we have created the beneath guide.

First Things First, Understand Your Undertone:

Colour is comprised of a number of factors. Chief amongst these is the mass tone and an undertone. The mass tone is the indicator, that at an initial glance informs you what colour you are observing. The undertone, however, becomes far more apparent on a second glance and becomes more distinct over time. A good example of this is placing a white, or light coloured, chair on a black, or dark coloured, floor. This is due to the fact that the dark tones of the floor need to be balanced with light furniture, in order to balance out the undertone. Failure to do this successfully will result in an interior which has a sense of being too dark and too heavy. Spending time understanding the undertone of your new flooring and finding the best colours that will complement it, is the single best thing you can do in order to ensure that the optimum interior feel is accomplished.

Never, Ever Go Against The Grain:

All wood flooring will contain a grain, how defined and how uniformed the grain is will largely depend upon the grading you have selected on your oak flooring solution. To demonstrate, wood flooring of a Grade A quality will have a clear and consistent grain pattern. On the other hand, wood flooring which is comprised of a Grade D quality will contain all of the natural grain pattern which occurs within the wood, resulting in a more rustic appearance. Irrespective of the wood grade you have selected, if your wood flooring has been laid correctly all of the grain will run in the same direction throughout your interior. The grain of the flooring is subtle yet it will have a tremendous impact on defining the mood of the room. This is important when it comes to the selection of accompanying furniture. Ensuring that furniture is selected that has a similar grain pattern to the flooring is one of the best ways of guarantying that the various wood types within the interior successfully integrate together, creating an aesthetically soft interior that is pleasing to look at. Adversely, perhaps, selecting a rustic flooring grade, with its uneven and ununiformed grain structure will actually make it easier to tie the interior together along the lines of this theme.

Always Make Use Of A Buffer:

Once you have begun to install furniture within your room you are highly likely to have a stunning floor with beautiful furniture to match, such as a wooden table. However, once the two are combined within an interior all too often it can result an overwhelming merge of wood that swamps the senses. Instead of complementing each other, the collision of this wood often highlights the discord and differences between the two. Therefore, you should always, where possible, use a buffer between your wooden floor and a wooden furniture feature. This does not have to be complex, a rug or a carpet are a perfect solution. Simply place the buffer under the furniture and above the floor and it will divide the two woods. This will enable your eyes to take in both separately and appreciate their beauty- empowering your wood features and flooring to combine in harmonious beauty. Using a buffer has the additional advantage of enabling you to introduce a new theme or pattern into the interior which will only enhance the interior style and help tie the theme together.

Be Aware Of The Power Of White:

Often when installing wood flooring into a home, people can go into a wood frenzy. This usually involves turning the interior into a micro-forest of various furnishings and items of wood. If this is the case, then be aware of the power of white! White can be utilised in this setting to break up the heavy wood tones fantastically. Perhaps the best thing about this method is the level of diversity it offers you. You can select anything white, whether this is a white item of furniture, some white art or even a complete white wall. The introduction of some white into your interior will provide balance to it and help to break down the individual wooden items so that their beauty is appreciated.

Oak Floors Online specialise in the manufacture and supply of beautiful oak flooring solutions. We offer a wide range of oak flooring solutions making use of a range of different wood grades and completed with a variety of finishes. This enables you to select the optimum oak flooring solution for your interior. We offer a diverse selection of different flooring types, including those compatible for use in conjunction with underfloor heating, meaning that you will not have to compromise appearance for practicality.

For further information, or to discuss product specifications, a member of our dedicated customer service team can be contacted by calling: 0800 043 3073.

Email enquiries can be sent to us at: sales@oakfloorsonline.co.uk.