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Flooring Horrors You Must Avoid!

There’s nothing scarier than spending an absolute fortune on your new oak flooring to find out that it hasn’t been installed properly.

Real oak flooring is an expensive investment for your home or office, and too often customers find themselves paying out for replacement flooring as a result of negligent behaviour during installation, either by themselves or their fitter.

Don’t panic though – unlike most horror stories, yours can have a happy ending if you avoid the mistakes below!

Acclimatising The Floor

This one terrifies flooring experts. When wood flooring arrives, customers often think that they can lay the floor straight away in order to get the job done quickly. Right? Wrong!

The floor needs to acclimatise to the room that it has been to avoid expansion issues. This is especially important in the winter. What you need to remember is that the flooring has most likely been kept in a cold warehouse that doesn’t match the temperature it would experience in your home or workplace.

Best advice? Wait at least 72 hours before laying the floor. Leave it unpacked in the room that it will be laid in for that time so that it regulates to the average room temperature. This is one reason you can’t use solid flooring in conservatories!

Using Oak Flooring in Wet Rooms

If there’s one thing scarier than finding Mrs Bates in your bathroom, it is finding real oak flooring has been installed. It’s a common mistake that homeowners make, and one that can be very costly.

The reason why oak flooring can’t be used in bathrooms is that the humidity and damp caused by showers can result in the boards shrinking or expanding. This causes the planks to lift from the ground and results in raised areas that allow water to drip down into the substrate.

If you have been considering wood flooring for your bathroom or wet room as opposed to tile, we would recommend using wood effect luxury vinyl tiles instead. Relatively new to the flooring market, they are popular choice with homeowners due to their waterproof features.

Using Cheap Underlay

Using cheap underlay under oak flooring really will make things go bump in the night. You will hear it creak and groan with every step, making every night sleepless.

You really need to purchase the right underlay with your oak flooring. A nice thick underlay that is sound resistant and that levels the substrate properly would be best suited for wood flooring. Remember that engineered and solid oak flooring often floats on top of the underlay so it needs to have a certain thickness to support heavy weight.

Not sure what underlay to use? Check out our choice of underlays, all perfect for both solid and engineered oak flooring.

Don’t Be Scared

There’s no need to let these mistakes terrorise you and your property. If you want to make informed decisions, we have plenty of information about proper practice for oak floor installation on our website.

If you have a question you think we can answer, get in touch today. Our team of flooring experts are more than happy to help.