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Expert Advice on Oak Flooring and Underfloor Heating (UFH) Compatibility

As years go by, underfloor heating (UFH) is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. This trend can largely be attributed to the fact that UFH has become substantially more cost-effective purchase, placing it within the financial reach of a greater number of people.

Often, the most important consideration for the installation and use of UFH is the flooring product to be installed above it, especially when your personal preference is oak flooring. How effective your product selection is can make a difference between an efficient underfloor heating system and an inefficient one.

For best effects, we advise that you consider using our ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring, which is a product unique and exclusive to Oak Floors Online that has been specifically designed, developed and produced with the primary purpose of providing the maximum levels of efficiency for UFH systems when combined with oak flooring. Let’s take a closer look at it…

How Does ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring Work?

Engineered Oak FLooring Thruflow Under Floor HeatingOur ThruFlow Oak Flooring differs from other engineered oak flooring, due to the fact that the plywood underside is predrilled to reduce Thermal Resistance. This is done by drilling a precise pattern of holes into the plywood underside during production, whilst still maintaining a level of strength that is well above the required industry requirements. Once completed, this results in the significant reduction of overall thermal resistance within the flooring itself, thus allowing heat to travel more effectively through the finished floor, and resulting in reduced heating bills (when our ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring planks are compared with other oak flooring products of a similar thickness).

After being drilled, the underside is then covered with a stabilising veneer, meaning that holes will only become apparent when boards are cross cut during the installation process.

Will This Result In Inferior Aesthetics For My Oak Flooring?

Aesthetics are not affected at all, so you do not have to decide between practicality and appearance when purchasing our ThruFlow Engineered Oak Flooring. The finished appearance of our ThruFlow products is Brushed & Natural Oiled, our most popular finish by far.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Our ThruFlow Engineered Flooring Products:

Our 15(4) x 189 ThruFlow Oak Flooring Option:

We are especially proud of this option because not only have we managed to accomplish a level of Thermal Conductivity that is approximately 14-18% better than standard 15(4) engineered oak flooring, but we have managed to maintain the strength to meet industry requirements.

In numerical terms, this means that if your current annual heating bill is £1,000 a year, with our 15(4) x 189 ThruFlow Oak flooring you can enjoy annual savings of £140-£180.

Effectively, over a period of time the increased initial cost of our ThruFlow Oak Flooring will compensate itself through financial savings, making it the only flooring product available that pays for itself!

However, our 15(4) x 189 ThruFlow Oak Flooring also outperform flooring that is thinner! Our tests have revealed that when compared with a 14(3) mm thick engineered flooring product, the ThruFlow 15(4) boards offer 5% better thermal conductivity. This means that opting for our thicker board against the thinner one will not only provide savings on your energy bills, it will also provide you with a flooring solution that has a 33% greater lifespan!

Unlike some of the other dedicated underfloor heating solutions available on the market, our 15(4) ThruFlow does not require unusual installation methods, meaning that it can be fitted using the following traditional techniques:

  • Float over suitable low TOG underlay
  • Glue down with suitable flexible adhesive
  • Nail down (depending on subfloor and UFH)
Our 22(6) x 189 Structural Grade ThruFlow Oak Flooring Option:

Unlike our 15(4) thick ThruFlow option, the 22(6) x 189 is classed as structural grade, meaning that you are able to install an oak flooring product over your UFH that is both durable and long-lasting, without a fully supporting subfloor.

This means that the 22(6) x 189 ThruFlow option can be fixed directly to both floor joists and similar intermittent supports, with UFH between them. Similar levels of improved efficiency to our 15(4)mm ThruFlow are provided by our 22(6) option, resulting in approximately 15% increase. This product not only provides excellent savings following installation through reduced heating costs, it also provides an overall reduction of time, effort and financial cost during installation, because no extra supporting subfloor is required.

Durability is assured with our 22(6) x 189 ThruFlow option, because of the implementation of a full 6mm wear layer, but even with this enhanced heat-flow efficiency, the product is still 40% stronger than the prerequisite industry standard, due to the oak and plywood bonded combination.

Installation is no different to our other plywood backed engineered products:

  • Float over suitable low TOG underlay
  • Glue down with suitable flexible adhesive
  • Nail down (depending on subfloor and UFH)

For further information about our ThruFlow UFH efficient engineered oak flooring, or for help selecting the optimum flooring solution for installation with underfloor heating on your project, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0800 043 3073. Email enquiries can be sent to our team at sales@oakflooronline.co.uk.