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Eleven Essential Tips When Choosing an Oak Flooring Fitter

One of the most important, if not the most important thing to consider when deciding to have oak flooring installed in your home or venue is to choose an oak flooring fitter who will do the very best job possible installing your flooring.

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11 Essential Tips When Choosing a Fitter

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We have put together our eleven essential tips for choosing an oak flooring fitter so that you can find the right person for the job and have a clear idea of exactly what you need your fitter to do and be confident that they will do a good job.

Create a Clear Brief

As with any project that you undertake at home or work, you need to know exactly what the project involves and what is expected of you to be able to complete that project. Your fitter will be undertaking the project of fitting your oak flooring and they also need a clear brief from you. The more detail that you can provide to the fitter about the project, the better. At the very least you need to be able to tell your fitter the outcome that you expect to see from the project so that they know exactly what is expected of them and can ask any questions or confirm any aspect of the fitting project before they get started.

Recommendations & References

Chances are that you already know someone who has used an oak flooring fitter in the past few years and will be only too happy to tell you what their experience was of the fitter that they used to install their flooring. Ask trusted friends and family members if they have any recommendations of a fitter and if they still have their contact details for you to get in touch with them to request a quote. Asking people at work if they have used a fitter recently will also help you not only to find people who are recommended so that you can find the right fitter for your job but will also no doubt unearth some fitters that people would definitely not recommend, which can save you a lot of time and hassle, benefitting from their previous experiences.

In the same way that you supply references when you go for a job interview, an oak flooring fitter should also be happy to provide references from previous clients that they have done work for. You wouldn’t expect an employer to offer you a job without first checking your references and it is no different for a fitter – all good fitters will have references available for you to check and we suggest that you do contact those references to get feedback from their previous clients.

Schedule in Advance

Like good dentists, good fitters will generally be booked up several weeks in advance, so rather than being put off by a waiting time of a couple of weeks, it can be reassuring to get a date booked in for your oak flooring to be fitted. The fitter’s availability will also help you to know when to have your floor boards delivered, so that they are not taking up space for too long whilst you wait for them to be installed.

Examples of Previous Work

You might not always be able to visit other jobs that the fitter has completed for previous clients, but it is still worth asking. You might be able to arrange to go and see previous work completed nearby, which is a great reassurance when booking your fitter.

Quote, Quote, Quote!

Something that you will no doubt be doing anyway but people still miss out every now and again is to get several quotes before you commit to booking a fitter. Like all things that can be of varying prices, it’s important that you get the best price for the work being undertaken at a high level of quality. Key questions to ask your fitter are what the price is for the job all included, regardless of the amount of time it may take and if the price quoted includes VAT – you don’t want to be stung with an unexpected cost. Beware of booking a fitter on a cash-only payment basis; you won’t get a receipt and there is nothing to prove that the fitter did anything at all.

Site Visit

Ask your potential fitter to come and visit you at home, to see the room the flooring is to be fitted in and to tell you how they would recommend installing it. Ask them to highlight any potential issues and solutions before any work is undertaken.

Online Recommendation Sites

Online recommendation sites and review sites are a popular choice for many people when looking for services and products, especially for tradespeople. Whilst these sites may give you an indication about the tradesperson and their previous work and the level of satisfaction of their previous clients, take reviews as a part of a whole screening process rather than the sole decision basis. Remember to check their social media profiles too, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Approved Tradesmen

The TrustMark logo is very important when searching for a fitter for your oak flooring. This logo means that the fitter ticks several important boxes; their skills have been checked and verified, the quality of their work and financial standing have been checked and they are a trusted and reputable tradesperson.

Get Confirmation In Writing

Once you have found the right fitter for you, make sure that everything is recorded in a written agreement prior to any work being undertaken. The written agreement is there to benefit both you and the fitter. It should outline thoroughly exactly what work is being undertaken, who is responsible for completing the work, the agreed completion date, payment details and any additional arrangements or information that you feel it is important to include.

Warranty For Peace Of Mind

Finally, make sure that you know exactly what is and is not covered under the fitter’s warranty of their work. By knowing what is covered under this warranty, should anything need fixing or looking at in future, you will know if you should be contacting the original fitter or someone else to come and make repairs. The warranty provided by the fitter also ensures that they are bound to come back and fix anything that needs fixing as a result of their work.