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Easter 2020: Resurrecting The Hardwood Flooring Hidden Under Your Carpet

Easter 2017 Resurrect Hardwood Flooring Under Carpet

Hardwood Flooring – Should you resurrect what’s hidden under your carpet?

Wall to wall carpeting became very popular during the 60’s and 70’s. This resulted in the covering of beautiful hardwood flooring, particularly in residential properties built prior to the 1930’s depression years.

The wood flooring in these properties used higher quality materials in comparison to wood flooring manufactured today. Old growth hardwoods, heart pine and quarter sawn.

Old growth wood was harvested from trees much older than what they mill today, with many areas now protected from lumbering.  You will notice this type of wood flooring show much tighter grain patterns due to their age and number of growth rings.

Restoring an old hardwood floor can be rewarding. But you must realise that restoring such a floor is a hard and laborious task. Especially when modern wood flooring manufacturers are able to replicate the benefits of old hardwood flooring. They can achieve this without the need for such intensive preparation and aftercare work.

The wear layer of Engineered Oak Flooring can offer the same durability of old growth wood, with the benefits of different patterns and shades to match modern interior design.

Therefore, it could be just as cost effective and logical to install a newly manufactured Engineered Oak Flooring. Rather than restore the hardwood flooring hidden under your carpet.  Especially if you only have the Easter bank holiday weekend to complete your project! Get in touch with us at Oak Floors Online for further flooring advice. Or take a look at our range of engineered oak and solid oak flooring.

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