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DIY Home Improvement Tips

We have a collection of home improvement tips to enable you to transform your home into a modern arcadia. It is important to create the perfect atmosphere for your home and also to add your own unique twist. Oak flooring is so adaptable that if you decided to convert a living room into a bedroom it would still create an alluring and statuesque ambience.

Rising walls

To give the appearance of a higher ceiling, a little-known tip is to paint your wall in two different shades. If you coat the top half of the wall in a lighter colour and the bottom with a darker colour, the effect can be a gentle lift. By incorporating this with a light oak floor such as our 18×120 Unfinished Solid Oak flooring, you can create a spacious atmosphere.

Family Tree

Having photographs of family throughout your home is a happy reminder of the journey of your life. Alternatively, rather than having to scatter your photographs, you can create a biographical wall of memory. Paint a tree on your wall and ensure it has many branches that reach out across your wall. You can then hang each photograph off the tip of each branch.

Illuminating Upcycling

For uniquely vintage lighting try using upcycled saucers with their matching teacups hanging underneath. Create a whole in the bottom of each and feed your light bulb through. You can do the same with wine bottles, which create an elongated design if hung from a variety of lengths.  Other alternatives are cans, jam jars and even plant pots (which look particularly quaint in a conservatory). Upcycled lighting complements oak flooring well, the lighting gently illuminates the space and highlights the wood.

Curtain Magic

To maximise the space in a dual purpose room (for instance a guest bedroom come office) try adding curtain rails across the end of the room. Adorn them with delicate curtains and add a day bed behind them. This way your guest can close the curtains and create their own private utopia, whilst you have gained an efficient use of space. Oak flooring adds a warm atmosphere to any room, particularly our 18×120 Double Brushed & Dark Oiled Solid Oak.


In the technological world we live in it can be difficult to hide those unsightly wires that have invaded our beautiful homes. We have several suggestions on to how to tackle those technical troubles. If you have a cable that runs along a wall then you could paint it to look like a vine with leaves and even charming birds perched along the edge. You can also try adding a picket fence to your skirting with your wires perched behind.

Innovative Draws

Within our kitchens we sometimes have fake draws fitted, as a full draw will not fit under a cabinet due to appliances and so on. Instead of leaving it this way you could remove the draw front and fit a kitchen roll holder or even a plug socket into to your draw space.