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Discover Five Oak Flooring Finishes For Your Apartment

Oak Flooring For Your Apartment

Apartment living offers you the chance to have the luxury of home comforts whilst living a cosmopolitan lifestyle; often living in or close to a city centre. You can be limited in the choices that you have available to you in personalising your apartment home to truly make it your own, so the option to change your flooring is an investment that not only improves your lifestyle through minimising dust collection and minimising exposure to potential allergens; it also allows you to create the look that you want in a style that is right for you.

One thing that is always at a premium in apartments is space; oak flooring is a fantastic way to give you the illusion of more space in your living areas and can add the effect of making your room appear to have more light in it than if you had carpets.

Experts Have Their Say

Fix Dent With Iron Oak FlooringHaving less space can often be a positive for many people, as Apartment Therapy shares in their “The Case for a Small Space” article and there are many ways that you can make the most of your space through selecting the right flooring, furnishings, accessories and of course storage to help you to make the most of the space that you have. We recommend checking out Apartment Therapy for great space saving tips for your apartment and they also have a handy post on how to fix dents in your oak flooring using an iron!

An oak floor board finish that creates the illusion of more space in apartments particularly well is a lacquered finish. Available in both solid oak and engineered oak flooring, a lacquered finish to your oak floor will reflect the natural light that comes into the room and will make your room appear larger, especially if you are changing from carpets to oak – you will feel like you have a whole new room in your home!

Freedom To Express Yourself

A lacquered finish to oak flooring is particularly popular with people who like to be able to change their style often, as it blends perfectly with any surroundings. If, like many people, you follow changes in interior trends on blogs such as Fresh Design Blog, you like to be able to change things around frequently for a fresh look. This is usually achieved by accessorising your apartment with things like colourful lamps and cushions and other home accessory treasures that you can find in their blog updates on a regular basis. A lacquered finish is perfect for offering you the flexibility to change your style as often as you want without having to worry about matching everything together.

Put Your Own Mark On It

Unfinished Oak Flooring ApartmentAn unfinished finish (a bit of a mouthful!) to your oak floor is a good choice for if you like the idea of being able to finish the floor to exactly your own requirements once the flooring has been installed. You might likely have numerous reasons as to which finish you want to apply in order to achieve the desired match for your room and accessories. Maybe you have a favourite rug that you brought back from travelling; perhaps you purchased a selection of placement rugs that are a key focal point in your room. Sometimes just observing how light falls across the installed oak flooring throughout different times of the day can affect your final decision on choosing your finish.

There are many different ways that you can create your own bespoke look with an unfinished oak floor, we have even seen people with bright red finishes in support of their favourite football team!

One Finish Throughout

Our most popular finish across all of our range, for both engineered oak and solid oak is Brushed and Natural Oiled. There is a reason for this finish being the most popular. Quite simply put, it is perfect in any room of your apartment.

Brushed & Natural Oiled Apartment Oak FlooringThe finish of Brushed and Natural Oiled is understated contemporary, yet with a timeless style and is a popular choice to have throughout whole apartments because it is suitable for every room. Having the same floor throughout your apartment that you know works well with any furnishings offers you the flexibility to add your own unique stamp on your apartment, perhaps adding a touch of personality like these fun figures for lightshades and plug sockets found by Home Building. This is a great resource for providing you with inspiration for looks and styles within your apartment, with everything from modern city living to your very own man-den inspiration!

Make A Lasting Impression

Are you searching for something truly unique in your apartment that is sure to create an impression on anyone who visits you? Our Celtic Character Rustic is a finish that is quite simply stunning and has a striking appearance that will be the focal point of any room. This finish allows you to create a feature of the detailing within the grain of the floor. With a darker filler, characteristics such as knots become more defined, adding charm to the appearance of your floor. An ideal finish for your apartment that is both a haven of bohemia and is an extension of your own unique personality.

A Sprinkle Of Luxury

Double Brushed Dark Oiled ApartmentLuxury living is a phrase that is often associated with apartment living and Double Brushed and Dark oiled oak flooring is a finish that is exactly what you need if you are looking for a luxurious feel to your apartment. With dark mocha tones that add warmth and depth to any room, a Double Brushed and Dark Oiled finish is a sure-fire way to make you feel that you are living in the lap of luxury, whatever size your apartment may be.

A Modern Classic

Want to have that vintage vibe in your apartment? Hand Scraped Vintage finished oak flooring has a finish that replicates how oak flooring looked before the advent of modern production machinery and is incredibly tactile. This finish allows your oak flooring to have a beautifully textured surface and is produced as it sounds, by being scraped by hand to produce a unique finish every time and is a favourite with people looking to have a vintage feel to their apartment. Who said apartment living had to be modern?!

At Oak Floors Online we appreciate that your oak flooring is one of many aspects of your living space that help to create your dream apartment. We offer a range of oak flooring finishes that allow you to select exactly the right finish to complete any room and complement your own taste and style. We have a team of experts available to answer any questions about anything to do with your oak flooring, from selection to installation and through to care and maintenance of your floor. We are always happy to help and love to see photos of your flooring once it has been installed, so please do get in touch with any questions or photos, we’d love to hear from you.

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