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Darker Oak Floor Finishes For Cosy Rooms

Oak Floor Finishes Darker For Cosy RoomsAs winter takes hold, you might be thinking about how to create a warm and cosy environment in those spaces that you, your family and friends will be spending a lot of time in over the coming winter months. Whilst spring is traditionally the time for having a clear out and refreshing things in your home, the winter months are very popular for making those bigger changes to your home that sometimes have a higher financial investment, including making the decision to install oak flooring in your home.

You will of course want to make sure that any finish that you choose for your oak flooring is going to look great the whole year around and not just during colder winter months, so the finish that you choose will be for every time of year.

All of our oak flooring finishes are suitable for installation in your home and will look beautiful at any time of the year, however the darker finishes that we have available are particularly popular for giving a warm welcoming to any room and for creating a more cosy feeling in your space.

One of our most popular darker oak flooring finishes is our hand scraped vintage oak flooring. This finish is available in engineered oak flooring that is suitable for installation over underfloor heating for that extra bit of luxury and warmth. The beauty of this oak flooring finish is not only in the deep tones of the colour of the floor but also the way in which each board is uniquely textured to give it a delightfully tactile appearance.

Dark Oak Floor Finishes Cosy RoomHand scraped vintage oak floor boards are scraped by hand, giving a beautifully textured and uneven surface to the flooring, which replicates how oak flooring used to be produced and finished using the older manufacturing and production processes. The hand scraped engineered oak flooring range that we have available to order on our website will add true character to any room.

The grain of the hand scraped vintage oak appears slightly darker, enhancing the character of the floor and emphasising the unique features that natural oak has. This engineered floor board is finished with a dark coloured stain and then lacquered for a durable finish. The floor boards have a very consistent colour, with dark tones that are warm and welcoming. The lacquer layered over the stain gives a smooth, satin finish to the floor which reflects light beautifully and gives your room and welcoming feel.

Double brushed and dark oiled is available in solid and engineered oak floor boards, so you can choose the type of flooring that best suits the environment in your home. Remember, if you want to add some extra warmth in your home (and maybe even save some money on your household heating bills!), you will need to select engineered oak flooring that is suitable for installation over the underfloor heating system. You can read more about underfloor heating and the benefits for your home here.

The finish of this oak flooring provides an appearance of pure luxury, with its deep mocha and hot chocolate tones. This finish offers a textured grain ‘double brushed’ surface that is achieved through a brushing process during production that beautifully emphasises and enhances the natural features contained within the oak. Several coats of a darker coloured waxoil are applied to create a full, deep toned finish to the board in both solid and engineered oak flooring options.

You can also choose to have an “unfinished” finish in both solid and engineered options, which will allow you to finish your oak flooring to your taste once it has been installed in your home. By choosing to have an unfinished oak floor installed, you can decide once your flooring has been installed how much darker you would like to make it by applying finishing products such as waxoils and stains to the boards, to create a darker overall appearance.

Cosy Rooms Darker Oak Floor FinishesWe always recommend taking advantage of our free samples offer so that you can see the different darker floor finishes together in your home before making your final decision.

There are several different products like wood stains available to give your floor a darker finish, we stock a full range of waxoils of varying colours and tones to help you to get the perfect custom finish for your oak flooring. The colours available range from golden oak to black with everything in between, including wild cherry and walnut, both of which are excellent choices for adding a darker finish to your wood flooring that will create a cosy feeling in your home.

If you are looking for some guidance on which finishes of oak flooring work particularly well in different rooms of the home, have a read of our articles on oak flooring for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and nurseries to find a little more about how certain finishes look within different living environments. We also have articles on how to choose the best oak flooring for smaller spaces and the best oak flooring for cosmopolitan living in city centre apartments.

If you are changing the way that your room looks and are still not sure which colours and styles will work well together for the rest of you? These are online resources that share real life examples of before and after shots for room make-over projects and you can get some ideas for your own home. www.apartmenttherapy.com; www.freshdesignblog.co.uk. Fresh Design Blog also offers reviews of products to help you to get the most from your home and décor investments.

We have a full range of guides available to help you to make an informed choice when selecting your oak flooring, from understanding the differences between engineered oak flooring and solid oak flooring and the benefits of each different type.

If you have any questions at any stage of your decision, from choosing the type of oak flooring to have installed in your home to which finishes will work best and how best to maintain your oak floor, we are always happy to help. You can contact us via email or give us a call.