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Why Choose Oak Flooring For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, the place where beautiful meals are lovingly created and then enjoyed communally to laughter and conversation. Many people would even go as far as saying that the life of their home pulses around their kitchen.

Irrespective of your cooking ability, whether you are a have-a-go home cook or baker, or whether you are more of a microwave meal champion, the kitchen is where much time within your home is spent. The kitchen is where the day starts with that first cup of tea or coffee and it is where it concludes, either over an evening meal or with a sneaky late night snack to see you through to the morning.

For many, the kitchen is the showpiece room of the home, it is where friends and families are entered and the site of the annual Christmas meal with all its trimmings and festivities.

Due to the abundance and diversity of usage, many people are looking for ways in which they can personalise this space in way that brings both taste and distinction to this interior. Therefore, it should be unsurprising that more and more people are opting for oak flooring. The reasons for this are numerous, oak flooring looks stunning. Surprisingly perhaps, for those who are unaware, oak flooring provides a diverse spectrum of aesthetic options. These options range from the appearance of the actual wood itself, which varies in accordance to the wood grade that is used for manufacture. Some grading types offer exceptional levels of differentiation, including a wide range of natural features, whilst others provide a more unformed appearance. Further aesthetic customisation is available through the variety of surface finishes that are used on the oak flooring. Finishes can be used to colour the wood, to add a shiny or matt appearance, or alternatively can be not included in order to enjoy the oak as it was naturally created. These aesthetic options enable homeowners to customise their flooring to match the surroundings of their kitchen with ease.

A second reason that makes oak flooring so popular for use within the kitchen environment is the ease with which it can be cleaned and the exceptional levels of hygiene it others. Since oak flooring does not contain fibres, unlike carpet, no dirt can become trapped within it. Therefore, once the oak flooring has been cleaned using a damp mop and an appropriate cleaning product, it is completely clean. This is perfect for the kitchen environment which requires by its very nature for the highest levels of hygiene and sanitary to be observed. Additionally, once oak flooring has been finished, it is incredibly durable and stains can be removed with ease – this makes it popular for use in the kitchen environment with its unexpected spills, bumps and breaks.

There are two key oak flooring options available for use in your kitchen, these are solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring respectively. It is well worth exploring the different nuances offered by each of these flooring board solutions prior to making your decision. However, do not worry you will not have compromise on your preferred aesthetic appearance as both flooring options offer numerous options. You will not have to compromise aesthetics in favour of practicality!

Functionality and aesthetics aside, oak flooring is an excellent investment for your property. It has been consistently shown that the installation of oak flooring within the kitchen not only helps to increase the overall value of a property, that it also improves its desirability. This is due to the fact that the kitchen, along with the bathroom, are the two key rooms which affect a potential buyer’s decision on a property. On surveys, it has been consistently shown that oak wood flooring ranks higher than other flooring options in terms of the desirability for potential buyers.

Once you have settled for an oak wood floor for your kitchen, the work begins. With some many different options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. This feeling can be intensified when viewing page after page of flooring boards online. We understand this frustration. We believe that it is only by holding oak flooring with your hands and seeing it with your eyes that you will literally get a feel for it within your kitchen. In order to meet this desire, we offer free samples of all of the flooring boards contained within our product range. We believe that this option enables to truly understand and appreciate what the oak flooring boards will look like in their interior prior to purchase. This process enables homeowners to truly see how the addition of the flooring boards will affect the surrounding features and furnishings prior to purchase and prevent a negative experience. To order your free sample from our oak flooring range, simply click here.

Regardless of the specific oak flooring solution which you decide is best suited to your kitchen, you can rest assured that when you purchase from us at Oak Floors Online, that you are purchasing products which have been manufactured using the very best materials and working practices. All of the wood used for the manufacture of our oak flooring boards is responsibly sourced. Additionally, we offer our customers the supporting, auxiliary resources to ensure longevity and ongoing maintenance of your flooring is adhered to. This comes in the form of our comprehensive eBooks, online guides and of course from the expertise of our customer service team who are always on hand to provide information relating to your oak flooring at every step of the journey.

For further information about our extensive range of oak wood flooring options which includes both solid oak flooring boards and engineered oak flooring boards, available in a range of sizes and finish options, or to enquire about specific performance factors such as the suitability for use with underfloor heating, a member of our customer service team can be contacted by calling 0800 043 3073. Email enquiries can be sent to us at sales@oakfloorsonline.co.uk.