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Oak Flooring Grain and How It Comes About

Posted: 11th September 2018

The warm tones and beautiful patterns of oak grain are a major part of why we so often choose the material for our furniture and flooring in our homes. Oak of course also has many other facets, of strength, durability and structure which also attract us to the timber. Both the beauty of the grain […]

The oak tree as a building material

Posted: 30th June 2018

There are records of oak being used as a building material in the British Isles from as long as 8000 years ago. There are several oak trees in Britain that are over 1000 years old. They form a living link to the past and are protected and venerated. There are over 600 varieties of oak […]

Five Innovative Wooden Buildings

Posted: 7th April 2015

Wood is such a beautiful natural resource and has many applications. Not only is it a stunning material but it can also be shaped and finished in unimaginable ways. It is also energy efficient as a natural insulator and environmentally friendly; it absorbs CO2. Wooden buildings take less time to construct than regular brick or […]

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