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New Year, New Oak Floor

Posted: 20th January 2020

January and February are the perfect time to upgrade your living space with the natural beauty of an oak floor. It’s a time of year that most of us survive through, looking forward to the sunnier months to come. So why not utilise the time to improve the look and feel of your home while […]

Living with my oak floor

Posted: 3rd April 2019

I’ve been living with my oak floor for six months now and am pleased to say that it’s still looking as good as the day it was laid. Cleaning my floor When the floor was first laid I was a little worried about cleaning it as I knew that astringents would likely strip the oil […]

An oak floor – ordering to completion

Posted: 3rd December 2018

As a family we spend a lot of time out of doors. Unfortunately we often track some of it inside when we get home. When we bought our house it came complete with cream coloured carpets throughout. Wear and tear and the odd muddy footprint meant that they weren’t cream for very long! We had […]

Oak Flooring Grain and How It Comes About

Posted: 11th September 2018

The warm tones and beautiful patterns of oak grain are a major part of why we so often choose the material for our furniture and flooring in our homes. Oak of course also has many other facets, of strength, durability and structure which also attract us to the timber. Both the beauty of the grain […]

The oak tree as a building material

Posted: 30th June 2018

There are records of oak being used as a building material in the British Isles from as long as 8000 years ago. There are several oak trees in Britain that are over 1000 years old. They form a living link to the past and are protected and venerated. There are over 600 varieties of oak […]

Come and visit our new oak flooring showroom

Posted: 30th April 2018

We’re pleased to announce that we have dedicated part of our facility in Pembrokeshire Dock to becoming a showroom for our products. So, if you’re local, or in the area, why not come and see us at Unit 56, 23 Stockwell Road, Pembroke Dock where you can sample our oak flooring in person. We’ve laid […]

Pets At Home On An Engineered Oak Floor

Posted: 28th February 2018

Pets are a huge a part of our life in Great Britain, we spend millions each year on keeping them fit, healthy and entertained. They are a part of our families and we understand that make a little bit of mess here and there. Whether it be shed hair, muddy footprints or the odd unfortunate […]

Oak Flooring Over Underfloor Heating: Dispelling the Myths

Posted: 6th July 2016

Oak flooring over underfloor heating, has over the years received a bad press. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge which is passed onto the homeowner, often from the supplier and in other cases from the installer to the end user on how to actually look after their oak flooring over […]

Why Choose Oak Flooring For Your Kitchen

Posted: 30th June 2016

The kitchen is the heart of many homes, the place where beautiful meals are lovingly created and then enjoyed communally to laughter and conversation. Many people would even go as far as saying that the life of their home pulses around their kitchen. Irrespective of your cooking ability, whether you are a have-a-go home cook […]

How Oak Flooring Can Help Take You From A Student House To A Home

Posted: 15th June 2016

Many young adults are finding themselves trapped into the decorative trappings of student life. For those who have recently graduated this is perfectly acceptable, money is most likely still tight and the furnishings and decorations which filled their student accommodation are probably their only possessions. However, for those who graduated years ago, have meaningful and […]

Choosing Oak Flooring For Your Dream Home

Posted: 30th March 2016

When designing the interior of your dream home, the flooring area is an incredibly important and all too often overlooked factor, despite usually being the largest single area within the property. With natural oak flooring being such a popular choice, due to the many advantages and aesthetically pleasing features it provides, in an effort to […]

Solid Oak Flooring Versus Engineered Oak Flooring?

Posted: 24th February 2016

Of all the debates we experience within the flooring industry and from our customers, the “solid oak flooring versus engineered oak flooring” debate is perhaps the single most common. What makes answering this question more difficult is the fact that the products have subtle but different qualities, making each of them more suited to specific […]

What Do Flooring Grades Mean?

Posted: 4th February 2016

All oak flooring planks fall within a certain grade, so this article will hopefully help you to clearly define what natural features are included within the flooring you are considering. Some companies prefer to use a name for the flooring they supply, like ‘rustic’ or ‘character’ but this can be misleading at best. At Oak […]

Unfinished Oak Flooring – The Options Are Endless!

Posted: 27th January 2016

If you are looking for a way to customise the appearance of your hardwood flooring, then look no further than unfinished oak flooring, because these unfinished planks provide unlimited finishing opportunities for your project. The unfinished surface area offers numerous finish options, and these options are available in a wide range of colours and combinations […]

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