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The Best Finishes For Your Nursery Floor

Oak flooring is an increasingly popular choice for nurseries and has many benefits for the whole family, from the health benefits associated with oak floors, to making cleaning easier. There is so much excitement and activity when you are welcoming a new baby that it is easy to become overwhelmed by the huge task of preparing for their arrival, especially when you have so many choices available to you.

Baby Nursery Floor FinishesAt Oak Floors Online, we appreciate how important it is to select the right finish for your new nursery floor. Our experienced team have put together some suggestions that will help guide you through making the right choice of finish and some special tips to make the most of your flooring in your baby’s nursery.

There are so many different finishes available, from Double Brushed and Natural Oiled, to Celtic Character Rustic and Vintage Hand Scraped. Whatever your style and taste, you will find the perfect finish for your nursery floor that will look great now and in many years to come.

Which type of oak flooring is best for your nursery?

Before you consider the different finishes available, you will first need to decide which type of flooring is right for your nursery, from engineered oak and solid oak. Engineered oak flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, which is a great choice for new parents who can expect late nights and early mornings, especially in winter time. We have a handy guide available, explaining the key differences between engineered and solid floor boards and we also recommend using the resources available from DIY Doctor, where you will find professional, impartial advice and information on what kind of flooring is right for your home. DIY Doctor also offer a very helpful forum, where you can ask any questions about flooring, particularly if you have decided to fit it yourself and also other DIY projects that you might be undertaking in preparation for your new arrival!

Your new family will be spending a lot of time in the nursery and the finish you choose for your floor boards can totally change the mood of the room, in the same way that wall colours and art work can be defining features of a room, so can your oak floor contribute to the personality of the room.

What environment do you want to create?

Nursery Floor Hand ScrapedConsider what feel and environment you would like your new nursery to have; do you want to create a warm, cosy environment or would you prefer a fresh, light feel to the room? House to Home magazine has a comprehensive “Essential guide to children’s rooms”. In this list of articles, you will find all you could ever need to get the very best results when decorating your nursery. One of our favourite pieces of advice is to plan and work out how much budget you require to complete your project. Then you can save on waste and not let costs spiral out of control. Do you really need that extra-large stuffed giraffe when you could have a lovely new crib instead?

A cosy rustic feel

If you are looking to create a warm and cosy environment, a hand scraped finish will always give a slightly rustic, welcoming feel to the room. Hand scraped floor boards are exactly as they sound – they have been finished by hand to recreate the finish that oak flooring had before the advent of modern manufacturing machinery. Choosing boards that have a slightly uneven, more textured surface gives a lovely character to a room and will suit your nursery especially well if you want to have a more vintage look and feel to the room.

Brushed & Natural Oiled Nursery FloorSelect from a lighter, caramel coloured finish board of Hand Scraped Antique Oiled, which will perfectly complement and blend with any colour scheme that you have chosen for your nursery, through to deeper tones of floor boards of Hand Scraped Vintage. The Hand Scraped Vintage finish is perfectly suited to older buildings and buildings with original features. Cottages and more Victorian era properties really benefit from a hand scraped finish. It is in-keeping with the natural character of these homes and work well in a traditionally styled nursery.

Take some inspiration from the professionals and check out these two nurseries on Apartment Therapy’s site :

  • Audrey’s Sunny Sentimental Nursery
  • Schuyler Soothing Room

You can see from both nurseries, you are not limited to a light or dark finish for a nursery. By adding your own finishing touches such as rugs, cushions and art work, you can personalise the room. Make it your own special space for you and your family to enjoy.

More finishes explained

Nursery Floor Lacquered FinishNot sure exactly which finish you want to have for your nursery floor but know that you are installing oak floors? An unfinished finish is a perfect match for you if you would prefer to see how your flooring looks once installed and where the light catches it at different times of day before you decide how you want to finish it. The added benefit of an unfinished floor is that you can finish the boards however you want. You could even choose to finish it in a bespoke colour – there is nothing stopping you!

If you prefer a more modern, cosmopolitan look, a lacquered finish is a popular choice. Having a lacquered finish in a nursery is a great way to make the most of the light. The floor will reflect light as it travels across the floor throughout the day giving the appearance of more space. Both solid oak and engineered oak flooring are available in a lacquered finish. Whichever type of flooring you prefer, a lacquered finish is possible with both.

Natural finish flooring

Unfinished Oak Nursery FloorOur most popular finish by far is our Brushed and Natural Oiled. This finish is so popular because it is available in both an engineered and solid oak finish. It blends perfectly with the existing surroundings of a room. You can change your soft furnishings whenever you like with this finish. You’ll have a perfectly blended match, with the soft tones of Brushed and Natural Oiled complementing almost anything. This finish is used for our underfloor heating, so if you are looking for that added bit of luxury (and saving on your heating bills!), this finish will work in any setting and provide you with warmth through the colder months.

Your home is a reflection of you and it is important that you are happy with your choice. We strongly recommend ordering samples of any flooring that you are thinking of installing so that you can place them in the room you want your flooring installed in and get an idea of how the floor will look. If you have any questions about any aspect of your oak flooring, just ask us. We’ll be happy to help and who will make sure you get the most from your oak floor.