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Benefits of Oak Flooring in Your Restaurant

The challenge for many food and entertainment venues today is how to brand yourself to stay relevant to your audience and customers throughout the years. The style of your furniture, flooring and accessories all tell the story of your venue and create a part of your customer’s experience, so it is important that you select a high quality product that is strong enough to last.

Oak flooring is particularly well suited to venues such as restaurants, cafes and canteens for many reasons, not least of which that if maintained properly, an oak floor can last for a lifetime, making it a sensible business investment.

Restaurant Oak FlooringWhatever type of food you specialise in and whatever theme your restaurant is, there is an oak flooring type and finish that will be perfect for you. Many restaurants that we have worked with have preferred to install a solid oak floor in their venue. One of the key benefits of installing solid oak flooring in a restaurant is the incredible strength and durability offered by the thickness of the solid oak board. These floor boards are naturally strong and durable and are well suited to coping with heavy footfall and accommodating high-usage areas without compromising on durability and aesthetics.

Another benefit of solid oak flooring for installation in restaurants is the authenticity and luxury of having a solid oak floor. For many people, a solid oak floor is quite simply a statement in itself about a venue and also the clientele they attract and the benefits of strength of a solid oak floor perfectly complement the way that the floor looks once it has been installed.

A solid oak floor can last your restaurant for as many years as you choose, providing that it is correctly maintained. You also have the opportunity to undertake the task of having your flooring professionally sanded and refinished should you choose, which will give your floor a whole new lease of life and restore its appearance to one similar of that when first installed.

Oak Floors RestaurantAt Oak Floors Online, we have many years of experience working with restaurants and other professional venues and we appreciate the importance of your oak flooring staying at its best for as long as possible. If solid oak is not right for you, all of our engineered oak floor boards have a minimum of 4mm wear layer backing.

An engineered oak flooring with a thin wear layer of oak will not withstand several sanding and refinishing rounds, so whilst an initial saving on cost may be made, it is important to consider the longer term impact of this initial buying decision.

Some suppliers only provide a 2mm wear layer on their engineered boards, which will be cheaper initially however will likely result in increased cost ultimately because options like a professional re-sand and finish to refresh the look of your flooring will not be available because the top wear layer will be too thin to withstand the sanding, potentially meaning that you have to replace the floor rather than refinish it.

If you are not sure about the key differences and benefits of each type of floor board, you can check out our handy guides here. We are always happy to answer any questions that you have about the different types of oak flooring and to advise on what will be best for your venue that fits in with your budget, if you would like to discuss any aspect of flooring, from selecting your free samples to installation, maintenance and aftercare, please either send us a message on our contact form or give us a call on 0800 083 3073 and we will be happy to help.

Oak Floors for Your RestaurantA key benefit of installing oak flooring in your venue is the flexibility that you are offered in finish choices and the option to refinish if you wish to in order to revamp or change your floor’s appearance. Many finishes are available across both solid and engineered oak flooring ranges, for example our brushed and natural oiled finish is our most popular finish by far and is available in both engineered and solid boards.

A finish such as the brushed and natural oiled is a particularly good choice for a restaurant because it naturally “blends” with the existing surroundings, for example soft furnishings and furniture.

If you are looking for a striking impact with the finish of your restaurant’s floor, we have a Celtic Character Rustic finish that is exclusive to Oak Floors Online. This finish allows you to customise the look of your floor to suit, so you can choose to have an almost “clear” appearance of the floor, or you can enhance and emphasise the detail of the naturally occurring elements in the grain of the board by adding a darker coloured waxoil to bring those features out.

For large venues with significant square footage, our extra-long and wide boards are a perfect solution for making the most of the floor space and keeping the feeling of a larger area, even with the addition of tables and chairs and other furnishings. These boards are available in an unfinished finish, which allows you to finish the flooring to your taste once the boards have been installed, with anything from natural coloured waxoil through to brightly coloured lacquer.

Oak Floors in Your RestaurantYou can also choose from a hand scraped finish in the long and wide option, which uses a production method that results in boards that mimic the effect of oak flooring as it was originally manufactured, with beautiful texture and subtlety; this board is a popular choice for rustic restaurants and pubs and helps to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the space. The hand scraped finish is also available in our standard sized boards.

Of course, cleaning is of paramount importance for any venue and oak flooring saves a significant amount of time spent cleaning over alternatives such as carpet and has the added health benefits for those who suffer from allergies and other dust-triggered conditions.

From look and style to longevity and health benefits, oak flooring is the sensible investment for your restaurant. We offer free samples so that you can see how the flooring will look in your venue before you place your order; get your free samples here.