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Always Be on Alert! Scam Contractor Switches Workers and Flees With Cash

When work is being performed in your home it is important to pay attention to the labourers and employees that a contractor brings into your home. Unfortunately, there are numerous scam contractors and hoaxes around who are looking to make a quick buck and then not fulfil their obligations.

The occurrence of this kind of conduct is not unknown, below is the latest such story to hit the world wires. The incident occurred in the Durban area of South Africa. The individual who was to become the victim of the hoax, contacted the soon to be scammer after seeing advertisements in his local area for low cost asphalt surfacing. The advertisements could commonly be seen on the light poles of his local area and even features in the local paper.

The scammer provided a quote of R4,000 for the completion of the job. However, he came back and claimed that in order to purchase the required materials for the task he needed R2,500 prior to the commencement of work. In the interim, the scammer arrived at the property with two of his employees and removed all of the grass from the property!

When the scammer stated that he required the R2,500 for the purchase of materials for the task he said he would leave his two employees at the home as a surety. The dubious businessman then left the premises. It was thought under the context of purchasing the required materials. Instead he went and picked up two casual workers from a roadside. He returned with the new workers and replaced them for his own workmen.

At first the homeowner was slow to realise what had occurred. However, after a period of time had returned with no sign of either businessman or asphalt, he quickly realised something was amiss. At this stage he began to question the workers on his property and quickly ascertained they were not the same two who had arrived that morning. He then inquired who they were and they told him they were private contractors who stood by the roadside awaiting pick up from parties requiring casual labour.

This is not the first, nor is it likely to be the last instance of a contractor manipulating or lying to someone on the pretence of performing work. Therefore, it is paramount that all diligence is taken to prevent yourself becoming victim to scammers, due to the disruption and loss of finances resulting.