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Alternative Wedding Gifts – Oak Flooring!

With the New Year out of the way, many people will be looking forward to their plans for the rest of the year. For some, this will mean getting married and for others, lots of weddings coming up to attend for celebrations with friends and family.

As the way family life is has changed over recent years, many couples already live together before getting married and as such, already have everything that they need to begin married life together. More and more, couples tying the knot are asking not for traditional gifts such as silverware, coffee makers and toasters, but rather donations and gifts of cash to enable them to make home improvements.

There are even invitations available requesting guests to make a financial donation to either the couple’s account or to a designated company to make home improvements – and of course, an envelope containing money on the day of the wedding will always be welcomed!

Weddings are generally an expensive event for the couple and their celebration with friends and family can be a costly affair that moves money from home improvements to celebrations. This is why there is an increasing trend of couples asking for “alternative” wedding gifts.

Over the past year, we have had several couples that have asked their guests to give cash gifts so that they can have oak flooring installed in the home that they already share together. From installing solid oak flooring in hallways to welcome couples when they come home at the start of their married life to installed engineered oak flooring with underfloor heating for true luxury, we have helped couples to celebrate their marriage in a lasting way.

If you are getting married and already have everything you need to begin married life together, asking your guests to donate cash towards home improvements such as oak flooring allows you the freedom to spend on your wedding and enjoy the celebrations and to invest in your home to make it as comfortable and welcoming as you can.

From our lacquered finished oak flooring, available in both engineered and solid for a modern, cosmopolitan feel to your home to our hand scraped oak flooring that is full of character, we have a wide selection of flooring available and you are sure to find the right flooring for your home.

Requesting cash for home improvements as an alternative wedding gift allows you to invest in your home and your future – perhaps you are thinking of selling your home in the next few years and having oak flooring installed will not only give you years of reliable, durable flooring, in many cases it will increase the desirability of your home if you do choose to put it on the market. We have an article about increasing the desirability of your home for sale, which you can read here.

By asking your guests to give cash gifts towards improving your home and giving you the opportunity to create the interior that you have always dreamed of, you are able to spend on the cost of your wedding celebrations with the knowledge that you are still able to make improvements to your home without unnecessary spending – if you’re very lucky, you might even find that you are able to cover the entire cost of your oak flooring from cash donations from your guests!

We are happy to advise on all aspects of selecting, installing and maintaining your oak flooring and have several helpful guides available on our website. We offer free samples of our flooring so that you can see how the floor will look in your chosen room and you can select the right flooring for you and your home.

For all of the couples who are getting married this year, if you are looking for an alternative wedding gift that will bring you comfort and style for years to come, cash donations for home improvements like oak flooring are a great choice to make!