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Affordable Warmth with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating may have been seen as a luxury in years gone by but this is no longer the case. By doing your research and preparing effectively, it is possible to have the luxurious feel of underfloor heating without an unmanageable bill at the end.

Making the decision to have oak flooring installed in your home is a considered choice and deciding to add underfloor heating is a natural progression for those looking to make their house into a home.

As people become more conscious of energy expenditure as well as financial investment, products are increasingly becoming more readily available to allow people to invest now and make savings in more ways than one in future years – even energy efficient light bulbs are a little bit more expensive than non-energy efficient bulbs, however they utilise energy more efficiently and for a longer period of time than their non-efficient counterparts.

If you are renovating property, working in a new build or simply improving your home, underfloor heating is affordable to buy and will save you money longer term, so as with any home improvements like water-efficient showers or solar panels; as long as you do your research and buy from a reliable supplier, you can sit back and enjoy your investment as it saves you money in future.

Wooden floors with underfloor heating offer comfort and a warm welcome to any room of your home all the year round and by choosing to install self-regulating underfloor heating such as that provided by Oak Floors Online, you not only create a truly cosy home, you can also save yourself money on heating costs in the future.

The cost of having underfloor heating in your home is mainly at the initial point of installation; like any product that you may buy, you have to first spend the cost of purchasing the underfloor heating system and installing it and then over time you can reduce other costs such as heating by replacing using radiators excessively with using the heat generated from the underfloor heating to create a warm environment for people to enjoy.

If underfloor heating is your first choice for home improvement and you are more flexible on the style of engineered oak flooring that will sit above the heating system, you can save money by choosing to have a less costly oak flooring style if you prefer.

For example, our unfinished engineered oak flooring range is our most cost-effective option for engineered oak flooring that is suitable for underfloor heating to be installed below it and has the added flexibility of allowing you to choose your own preferred finish on site. Choosing an unfinished engineered oak floor also gives you the option to change the finish of your flooring simply by re-sanding/ applying a different waxoil or lacquer, which means that if you change your interior décor or soft furnishing style, you can change your flooring to complement it, giving you a whole new look.

Underfloor heating is a considered investment, however it is an affordable investment – you have the cost of the engineered oak flooring and the underfloor heating system and then in the same way that you will have years of quality and enjoyment from your engineered oak flooring, you will also have many years of luxurious warm comfort from the underfloor heating system.

If you are unsure which flooring is best for your home and if underfloor heating is suitable for your home, we have a team of experts who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, simply get in touch through the contact form on our website and we’ll be happy to help.