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A quick guide to Oak Floor terminology on our website

There are a lot of oak flooring terminologies and measurements mentioned on our website, here is a quick guide to some of them to help you when buying an oak floor for your home.

Oak Floor Terminology

Engineered Oak

Engineered oak describes any oak flooring made up of a an oak wear layer backed by ply wood.


Solid Oak

Solid oak is as it’s described a solid piece of oak wood



Brushed and scraped finishes refer to a process which adds texture to the flooring by abrading the oak surface pulling away softer wood fibre to reveal the wood grain more fully, this treatment is often oiled to finish. Lacquering involves applying coats of a UV lacquer to gain a smooth hard finish.


Our products titles

We try to make our product titles as descriptive as possible so that you can understand dimensions at a glance e.g. 14(3)x150 Brushed & Natural Oiled Oak Flooring – 14 refers to the board being 14mm thick (3) to a 3mm thick oak wear layer as a part of the 14mm overall thickness – 150 refers to 150mm wide boards.


UFH or Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating comprises of a set of pipes containing hot water supplied by a heating system situated under the laid floor.

Oak Suitable for Underfloor Heating

These products are compatible with underflooring heating and incorporate engineered plywood backs with ventilation holes for heat transfer.


Floating floor

A floating floor is not attached to its backing but rather sits on top of an underlay membrane.


Glue down – nail / screw down

Other than having a floating floor there is the option to fix it in place. You can fix your floor using glues, nails or screws. Depending on your room you may consider any of these methods

Skirting, thresholds and architrave

Skirting thresholds and architrave are moulded oak lengths. They are used to finish edges where an oak floor meets a wall or a door opening. These items are made of oak which closely matches the flooring and cover joins for a clean finish.


More in depth explanations of these terms and their relevance to your oak floor can be found in our Help and Advice section